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Trends in Gaming industry in 2021

Shubham Butola

The online games industry is developing rapidly, which not only benefits the global giants, who are taking advantage of the many opportunities in the industry, but also benefits startup game developers. The burgeoning online gaming industry is a win-win ecosystem for game entrepreneurs, gamers, and developers, providing them with opportunities to satisfy their huge appetite for online gaming. In addition, the popularity of smartphones is an important contribution to the rapid development of the industry.

The state of Online gaming industry

According to the research report “State of Online Gaming 2020”, new non-console gaming services are gaining attention. The report also shows that casual single-player games are the most popular, while first-person shooter games are the second most popular video game genre. Finally, more than 38% of gamers want to become professional players. The interesting revelation of the report confirms that the use and appeal of online games is increasing, especially among millennials.

Additionally, artificial intelligence (AI) continues to improve the overall gaming experience. It is driving a great development in the gaming industry. For example, in a multiplayer game format, the AI will automatically determine the chemistry of the team based on your choices and enhance the game experience by making it more interactive. How is? You lost a game to your opponent, and suddenly the fans chanted to improve team morale. This is the answer of artificial intelligence. As a result, these days, gamers have started to pay a lot of attention to details, including the immersion and interactivity of the game. By customizing the game scene in real time, artificial intelligence can elevate the gaming experience to a new level. When talking about the trend of the online gaming industry in 2021, here are some key points mentioned.

Professional Gamers

Although most people play video games, some people take it as a profession. Not only is it one of the fastest growing markets in India, it is also a popular career choice for talented young people. From game art professionals to game animation, game testing, and professional game players, there will be tremendous career opportunities to influence the online gaming industry by 2021.

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Rapidly increased use of smartphones

One of the major trends in the online gaming industry will be the continued expansion of mobile games. Even the “State of Online Gaming 2020” report shows that mobile phones are still the most popular gaming device, followed by computers, game consoles and tablets. The gap will widen in 2020 and the preference for mobile phones will increase by 13% compared to 2019. Due to the ease of use of mobile phones, the increased use of mobile games helps increase potential audiences. Therefore, we will see more developers create content and games suitable for mobile games.

A wide range of game options

The AI ​​will produce a behavior, either for NPCs (non-playable characters) or agents in the game. Even the characters can learn from the player’s behavior and change their behavior accordingly. This has triggered the development of gamers, who now want not only great graphics, but also a realistic gaming experience. Therefore, we will see game developers develop and create more visually appealing game consoles, while also creating more interactive games. In fact, game developers are moving in the direction of designing powerful systems in games that can understand speech, noise, and other sounds, and adjust the game scene accordingly with the help of modern technologies such as pattern recognition. and reinforcement learning. the game can be identified. -Learn from their actions and develop them accordingly.

A rise in e-sports

The trend of online games reflects the needs of the audience. In addition to increasing the use of mobile phones in games, the rise of esports will also affect the types of games that developers will create in 2021 and beyond. Esports tournaments have started to spread and have attracted the attention of sports enthusiasts. The key figures have already garnered a lot of attention on social media and have made considerable income. Therefore, we will see more content added to online sports betting.

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More attention to responsible gaming

Due to increasingly harmful incidents caused by addiction and the desire to use real money gambling proceeds, operators have started to take steps to protect users’ rights. Now, a special disclaimer has been added to each promotion, stating that certain games are financially risky and can be addictive. The team of business development professionals also pay close attention to currency transactions made by players to adhere to responsible gaming. Therefore, this motivation is very critical and we hope to put it first in the near future.

Summing up

The scope of groundbreaking technology is unimaginable and the way it is used in the game is incredible. The possible applications of these technologies in the near future have sparked heated discussions throughout the gaming industry. It is interesting to see how the technology and creativity of developers will change the gaming industry and what innovations will occur in the future.

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