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What is True Love? Is it abstract or a reality.

Barbara Mathilda

Today, how real is LOVE, how Meaningful and how Selfless??

How we see Love, how much we understand the literal meaning of love. Or do we really understand what is true Love?

Down the ages, Love has been expressed in different writings, movies, plays, serials, songs and in crime too. Different meanings, different assumptions, different conclusions. Its very difficult to understand true Love or practice it.

Romantic Books: we find many books on true love, some of my favourites:

  1. ‘Love Story’ by Erich Segal
  2. ‘Gone With The Wind’ by Margaret Mitchell
  3. ‘It Ends with Us’ by Colleen Hoover
  4. ‘Pride and Prejudice’ by Jane Austen

And many more romantic novels, tell us how much a Lover wants to give in for the sake of Love. The understanding, the feeling, that ego has no place where Love is the dominator. Love needs no explanation, it’s just there -A silent speaker.

Many Movies, Plays, etc have been repeatedly produced to extreme sophistication. Some great movies like Romeo and Juliet, Titanic, When Harry met Sally, Pretty Woman and the like, show us how Selfless love is, and nothing can come in the way of love.

Many romantic songs define love as the ultimate. These songs make us feel good, give us a different feeling of happiness. We repeatedly sing them and feel satisfaction in our hearts. Some Love songs are evergreen.

Family Love

Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Uncles, Aunties, Grandparents, they all show different types of love. Love in different relationships has different meanings, different feelings, different understandings, and different forms.

Patriotic Love

A selfless Love, a sacrificial Love, a Love that deserves many salutes. The love soldiers have for their country is one example of True Love. But the cost is too high. The unpredictable consequences. But Love asks for no returns.

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Some express their Love to an extent where it becomes a destructive episode. Like when rich parents lavishly throw money on their children and spoil them to an extent that they get into the wrong track, their future is jeopardized and there is destruction. Is this love? No. Some have killed for love and committed other crimes for love.

Similarly, some Lovers become obsessed and don’t understand situations and develop negative feelings and destroy good relationships. This is not true love. Love is positive, only positive.


Love between friends, one of the best feelings, that doesn’t fade away. It is difficult to keep being friends while passing through different stages of life, where there are other developments and challenges too.
It is difficult going strong and balanced, but its also worth the friendship. The all-time famous Series, ‘Friends’, a pleasure to watch.

I have some very good friends for many years. We don’t meet much or talk much but I know my friend is there when I need him or her. And I am there when they need me.

Today Love has less place in our lives, as life is become so difficult, so mechanical, so obvious, though it’s worth working hard through whatever condition, whatever the cost to save any ongoing relationship. Yet one needs to understand and accept graciously the consequences.

Though True Love is Selfless, making Sacrifices, Giving in, harmless. Yet on the other hand how practical is True love?? It’s not. It’s not possible in today’s life run. It’s not practical. If we got to survive, we need to be practical and that’s where we lose on TRUE LOVE!!

Yet there are a few hearts out there, who would still choose love over practicality, may it be, to their achievement or their destruction!!

LOVE is a virtue that knows no bonds, no limits, and asks no returns, it only gives.

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