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WikiFeedz Top 10 List of Romantic Books of All Times

Barbara Mathilda

There are many best sellers topping the list, here are some of them, which can be read over and over again! Some of these best-sellers are outstanding and intriguing. In fact, we can talk of many more romantic Novels claiming a place in the list of the best Romantic Novels of all time!

‘It Ends With Us’ by Colleen Hoover– Instant New York Times Bestseller

‘It Ends With Us’ is a profoundly beautiful story. A captivating romance, an unforgettable tale of love. The one who loves you hurts you the most. One of the most inspiring Love Stories.

‘The Proposal’ by Jasmine Guillory– A New York Times Best Seller.

A Dodgers game between 2 lovers. She turns him down because he spells her name wrong while proposing to her. ‘The Proposal’ is a romantic, adventurous, fiction full of fantasy.

‘Outlander’ by Diana Gabaldon– ‘Scotland’s answer to Game of Thrones’-

In 1945, after the war, a nurse is just back to reunite with her husband, suddenly she comes across this outlander and finds herself leading a double life, while she struggles to understand her perplexed heart.

‘Jane Eyre’ by Charlotte Bronte– Widely considered as one of the best classics.

Jane Eyre was an orphan and felt like an outcast while she was young. She was hired by a brooding, proud and troubled employer to care for his ward. She falls in love with him while going through struggles with her natural desires and social condition.

‘Vision in White’ by Nora Roberts– #1 New York Times bestselling author.

A novel of love and friendship. Wedding photographer Mackensie Mac Elliot is always behind the camera. When she meets an English professor, things develop, while she faces the challenge of balancing her wedding business with her budding romance.

‘Pride and Prejudice’ by Jane Austen– one of her most memorable works to modern audiences.

One of the greatest romantic novels of all time. Elizabeth Bennet, frequently finds herself in a disagreement with her boyfriend, while the romance goes on. Does a single man who possesses a good fortune, want a wife.

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The Wedding Date’ by Roxane Gay– New York Times bestselling author

Alexa and Drew find themselves stuck in an elevator together and agree to attend a wedding as a couple. A fake date can go quite a discovering distance in fun and romance. It tells us that desire is worth exploring.

‘Perfect Chemistry’ by Simone Elkeles– New York Times bestsellers.

‘Perfect Chemistry’ is an exciting story of a High school girl & a rebel boy, who falls in love.  This book relates to how sparks fly between two unlikely lab partners and how two opposite poles meet. A dangerous reaction.

‘Beautiful Disaster’ by Jamie McGuire– A New York Times and USA TODAY bestseller.

A good simple girl who doesn’t drink is appropriate and organized. Abby kept herself from the darkness of her past. But what happens when a good girl is dangerously drawn to an unavoidable bad boy.

‘The Note Book’ by Nicholas Sparks The New York Times Best Seller.

‘The Note Book’ is a story about how two teenagers being from opposite sides of the track, fall in Love, Noah and Allie.  This book is so realistic and makes us believe that Love could last a lifetime.

If we start to list down the best Romantic books of all times there will be no end. These reads are as good as treasures. They leave behind an overwhelming picture in our minds, an unforgettable story in our hearts. More to come…

Barbara Mathilda

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