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How much is GOOD ENOUGH! – A Thought on Peace and War

Barbara Mathilda

Is WAR, what we actually want? When we ask ourselves from within, the answer is NO!!

The news: we are forced to hear of war day in and day out. Do we really want to hear of War and nothing else, no we don’t. Can we please hear more of fun, adventure, more of happy events, stories, educative developments, discoveries, advancements, social developments, etc.

No one wants war, we all want Peace and Oneness. But today we are compelled to live through it against our wishes. Do we have a choice?

YES we do, we just need to stand up as one human race. As inhabitants on the same Mother EARTH!! We do hear of some good humans standing up against WAR and demanding peace.

For some Incompetent Dictators on the earth, innocent people are made victims to their Insecurity. Yes. I call them incompetent, because they don’t have the acumen to deal with basic human issues, basic human need. And these few selfish cowards feel they may gain power through War. They are so insecure, so knave. Armies are forced to go on war with the thought of Patriotism. Mind blowing manipulation.

The need of the hour is intelligence and understanding, not war. If every country is Self Sufficient and par friendly, there is no need for War. Global Issues can be solved without war. Why do some countries feel overpowering the others is the ultimate. How wrong! War is never a solution to any global issues. It’s been the destroyer through all ages.

Lets compare statistics of World War I & II! What do we find. Let one of those fools say they gained from it. Or let one survivor witness a good experience. Or do we find one book stating the goodness of those wars. We will never find a single line on, after war benefits.

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WAR!! The man made CALAMITY – Peace is jeopardised. Normal lives are at stake. The economy of countries in war, is challenged. Growth is retarded. Development is badly affected. Health, the basic right of a human is deprived us against our wishes. Natural beauty of our environment destroyed. Expensive Infrastructure wasted. Freedom sieged. Loss of loved ones. Common people killed. This list of LOSS is endless. WHY so much is asked of us, when all we want is PEACE and Happiness. Is that asking too much. No!! Lets demand it and work towards it. A beautiful mind asks for only beautiful things. We deserve it.

Comparatively PEACE is always welcomed universally. Like the list of after war destruction is endless, the benefits of Peace is Limitless too. We can go on counting happily, and each count will bring a smile on our face. Isn’t that good enough reason to start to LIVE!! Yes it definitely is!!

All reading this blog, may start counting the benefits of NON-WAR. Then we may get talking!!

Barbara Mathilda

I am Barbara Mathilda, a lady who walked the earth 60 years in grace. Born and educated in Kolkata, India. I have a very strong Convent School background and professional training in Computer Applications. Worked in very good organizations such as; World Bank, Projects of The American Embassy, Sequoia Capital, CF Italia, Odgers Berndtson and the like.

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