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Religion- a Choice or a Must

Barbara Mathilda
  • How genuine is the religion we follow
  • What are the different views on religion
  • What benefits we look for in the religion we follow
  • Evolution of New Religions
  • The TRUTH- Humanity the only live religion.

Religion has always been a controversial subject. It has been the reason for many differences, riots, conceptualized revolutions, disagreements, etc. It has always misled the mass. No religion is genuine in my opinion if anyone religion was genuine there, would not have evolved these many religions and controversies.

Any particular religion has many many different views and reviews. Down the ages Religion has been used as a bait to get the innocent mob, to mislead them, to create new cults and become powerful by the increase of its numbers. The evolution of different Religions kept forming and changing the man into new beliefs, new lifestyles, new concepts, etc.

Any particular religion could not fulfill the basic human and moral needs of man. And each time a new religion arose and changed his thinking. And this is the time the cunning manipulative religious leaders took advantage and mislead the innocent followers, to fulfill their own need for power and money.

All one needs to follow teachings and guidance of the right path on righteousness, the correct way of life, to decide what is right from wrong, to lead and guide others too. Actually religion is only a manmade selfless concept forced on the innocent people at the time of them seeking a way, a Saviour, a God to help them out of their present crisis.

Religious people are trying to convert more and more people to increase their numbers, why? If any particular religion is genuine, there isn’t a need to convert anyone. The truth and moral benefits of any religion should be enough to attract any new believers to want to follow it. And if there would be a genuine religion, the whole world would have been happily following it.

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Why is it people are still not satisfied, still going wrong, still in need of the truth, still in search of true and righteous life, still need to morally exist. Because there is no true religion as such. It’s a plain and simple truth- Humanity the only true and live religion. 

The Natural religion alive- Humanity, Just follow your instincts based on experiences and believe in your conscious. Our conscious always convicts us from within if we are going wrong. Of course, teachings of great leaders have a great influence in our lives, these teachings show us the way to the truth of life and help us to live a righteous life. But we may just follow good teachings and not believe in what we feel is not right, not ethical, not practical.

All religions have good teachings which we should follow. But all religions have incorrect facts too. These false so-called facts to mislead us to accept what the leaders want us to. So basically we have the wisdom to judge what is right or wrong, but we don’t want to follow our inner being, instead, we blindly follow the religion we are engulfed in.

The truth is we are created by a superpower who we may call God or Creator or whatever, who we may never understand or know. We are given a life to live, then on it is we who decide how we want to live the years we have. The only religion is, our life on earth and that is humanity. How we live our life will decide what we attain and what we earn out of it.

So decide what you want to do with your life and live it wisely. Let not any religion decide for you. Just be a Good Righteous HUMAN, and you are in the best RELIGION.

We may discuss more on this through my blog, let us decide for ourselves.

Barbara Mathilda

I am Barbara Mathilda, a lady who walked the earth 60 years in grace. Born and educated in Kolkata, India. I have a very strong Convent School background and professional training in Computer Applications. Worked in very good organizations such as; World Bank, Projects of The American Embassy, Sequoia Capital, CF Italia, Odgers Berndtson and the like.

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