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5 Good Reasons to Ditch the Gym, Yet Stay Fit…

reasons not to gym

Six-packs, toned muscles, and glowing face – all these sure sound tempting and might push you to get a gym membership. But think about it, really. Is it really worth it?

To escape your quiet haven, after a long day at work, with the boss happily expressing his displeasure with that PowerPoint you spent the last entire week (and weekends) presenting? Wouldn’t you rather roll that doobie and watch another episode of Rick and Morty?

Reasons to Ditch the Gym

And who’s to forget that mouth-watering dessert you window-shopped while returning home from work, but couldn’t eat because of your commitment to the dietary plan set by your instructor! Trust me, it’s not worth it. Tried and tested! So, I present to you the top five reasons that kept me from continuing to go to the gym.

Note: Despite not having lifted weights, I still am pretty fit. You can be too!

1. No Recovering From that Big Hole in Your Wallet

Yes, gym membership costs are skyrocketing. 55$ is the average cost of a one-month membership, amounting to $600 a year! Imagine what you could do with $55. Hell, you could plan a hiking trip to the Himalayas with that money, if you live in India, that is.

Not convincing enough?

Okay, well you could eat pizza, booze out, and if you’re lucky, get a Ukulele! Oh and talking about money, since most gym-goers like to wear skin-tight clothing to show how toned their body is, you would need that clothing, too. Do you really want it? Those tights sticking to your thighs, not letting your skin breathe, causing you to drown in your own sweat!

You know what’s a good idea, instead? Go run in a park. That way, you could put on your favorite animal print leotard or those pink warmers you’ve been dying to wear outside. People in the gym won’t appreciate it. But the jogging track could make a good runway!

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2. Air Conditioned Oxygen vs Fresh Air

Who doesn’t know the health benefits of breathing fresh air? Then why would you want to spend your fitness time in an air-conditioned, closed space, reeking of sweat, and filled with germs, when you could just embrace the shining sun and go for a run outdoors?

Being in a greener and natural area to work out instead of a breeding ground for germs and bacteria will not only help cleanse your body but also your mind and soul.

That said, running in a park helps burn 30-40% more calories than working out in a gym. This is because of the wind that would apply force in the opposite direction. The force is too spread out to be noticed, but it does help. Moreover, you get a natural tan if you run in the sun. Could it get any better?

3. Time Spent Traveling to the Gym

Even if it is only a 15-minute drive to the gym, it isn’t worth wasting time to travel when you could save it all up and use it to spend some me-time.

In this world full of extroverts, lurking on the streets, ready to suck all the energy out of you, some free time all by yourself can be pretty healthy and precious.

And come on, ask yourself, do you really have the energy to take your car out yet again after having commuted to and from work just a half-hour ago? No wise person thought of adding more commute time to their already hectic commute schedule.

4. Hot Men at the Gym – A Myth

Movies and TV shows glorify those hot men with great muscle cuts on their arms and legs, working on that deadlift in a gym and us girls go gaga over them.

However, every true gym enthusiast can easily disregard this sordid picture. In fact, if you do ever come across a well-built man with a deep voice and a jawline that would bring even Brad Pitt to shame, he is either not single or a part of your hallucination.

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This event is as unlikely as Brad Pitt going back to Jennifer Aniston, begging to take him back. Good looking men cannot be found in a gym. Period.

5. Focus On Toning Up, Not Burning Off

Not following an explicit dietary and workout plan designed by a gym instructor will only lead to burning calories and not toning up any muscle.

While it’s delightful to see that pizza showing itself out, it won’t tone your muscle. Muscle development enhances the rate of burning calories in the long term, as muscles provide more assistance in burning calories than fat does.

Now, not all of us are rich enough to afford a personal trainer along with a gym membership. So why not pick up those dumbbells while watching your favorite TV show? Sounds reasonable? Well, the decision is yours. Clearly, the points in favor of ditching the gym outweigh those in favor of subscribing to one. So breathe fresh, eat well, and stay away from that cesspool of bacteria!


Reasons to Ditch the Gym

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