5 Next-Gen Period Products to Easily Manage Your Monthly Cycle

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  • Menstruation is no longer a hush-hush conversation nowadays thanks to the various social and government initiative to promote best female hygiene habits.
  • The monthly reliables (pads and tampons) that many women are using at that time of month now need an upgrade for health and environmental reasons.
  • Research in Female hygiene subjects has resulted in some innovative product ideas that will help in the easy and sustainable management of your monthly cycle.

Periods are one of the most spoken personal healthcare issues in today’s times. Considering the lack of knowledge and unhygienic period practices prevailing among many families, many doctors, social organizations, and government have taken serious steps for spreading safe period hygiene awareness. Tampons and pads are popular period products used by the majority of women. However, modern research has paved a way to invent modern period products that are better than pads and tampons in terms of usage and maintenance. Let’s have a look at these amazing products:

  1. Dame – Tampon Applicator

Dame has come up with a unique solution to plastic waste in the UK because of other tampon applicators. Dame has created its own tampon applicator that is reusable. It’s the world’s first reusable tampon applicator with a proud tagline, ‘Bleed Red, Think Green’. With self-sanitizing and anti-microbial technology, the applicator assures you of a safe period and the plastic-free planet. Dame applicator is economic, hygienic and environmentally friendly. From $32.99

2. Thinx – Period-proof Panties

Thinx panties are high-tech, anti-microbial, absorbent, moisture-wicking, and leak-resistant adult nappies and can be a good replacement for tampons and pads. According to Thinx, these period-proof undies have the capacity to hold up to 4 tampons’ worth yet look and feel like a normal female panty. You can wear it for the whole day and reuse it for next month. You just need to rinse them after use in cold water and hang dry. Price from $27.20

3. Flex – Menstrual Disc

Flex is a disposable menstrual disc approved by gynecologists. You can wear them for 12 hours and a good alternative to traditional tampons. Reportedly, Flex menstrual disc has reduced the cramps of more than 60% of users along with maintaining a healthy vaginal pH. With Flex, you can enjoy mess-free sex and it has no links to TSS.  Price from $13.

4. Calla.ly – The Tampliner

Image Credits: calla.ly

Calla.ly has designed its own period product called tampliner. It’s a two-in-one hybrid of a tampon and a liner. According to Calla.ly, these tampliners are 100% absorbent cotton shed-free surface and are sterilized. It consists of an organic cotton tampon and mini-liner with a virtual applicator connecting these two. The mini-liner folds and tucks between your labia giving you additional security against leaks. Price from $11.85.

5. Freda – Period Products Box

Image Credits: www.myfreda.com

Freda wants your periods to be comfortable through its organic tampons made from 100% certified organic cotton and free from any chemicals or dyes. Freda provides you a mix of period-related products for you to try and find out what’s suitable for you according to your flow and preferences. The best part of Freda is it supports non-profits like KiliPads, Bloody Good Periods and A Bloody Good Cause. Price from $10.53

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