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PeeBuddy: A Stand to Pee Device That Is Turning Dreams Into Reality

Himanshu Goyal

PeeBuddy is a female Stand to Pee Device that helps women urinate while standing. This pee device helps women pee safely and avoid contracting any kind of disease. The product is doing excellent business, both in the online and offline market.

There is no doubt that at some point in life, you as a woman have felt jealous about the fact that men can simply relieve themselves without the need of having a spotless toilet.

So, with a vision in mind and thanks to the constant ranting of girls around them, three boys from Delhi have developed something unique. The product is a woman pee device that allows a woman to stand and pee.

It is a startup based in Delhi and was launched somewhere in the middle of 2014. The startup aims at building hygiene and intimate care products for women to help them enhance their quality of life.

How Did They Get The Idea Of Developing PeeBuddy Stand to Pee Device?

The idea was envisioned on a Delhi to Jaipur road trip. There were four couples on the road trip in the month of January 2014. According to the founder of PeeBuddy, Deep Bajaj, the four girls would make them stop multiple times at every fuel station.

The girls always ended up being disappointed with the dirty toilets. He further added that only one in every five washrooms met the high standards of the ladies. It was on the very same trip that one of the girls wished that there was a way to stand and pee.

The girl further mentioned a trend in Europe where women have access to a plastic, reusable device that helps them urinate in dirty toilets. Deep Bajaj further explained, saying,

“This comment rang a bell in my head, and when I mentioned that we should build something like this (but disposable ones) in India, everyone just laughed and ruled out the idea. However, somewhere deep down, I didn’t want to let this go, and that’s how work on PeeBuddy started.”

Lives Of The Founder And Co-Founders Before PeeBuddy

Deep Bajaj was an Events and Management professional. Before the startup was established, he was helping his wife with her rugs and carpet designing business.

Later, during the month of April 2014, he decided to focus completely on PeeBuddy. The other two co-founders, Rahul Anand and Mohit Bajaj used to work in finance and advertisement.

The two co-founders were also a part of the Delhi-Jaipur road trip when Deep Bajaj was struck with the idea of a pee device for women. They decided to join the venture and quit their jobs. According to them, they made the right decision.

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How Was the Stand to Pee Device Initiated?

Once the team was able to develop the product, they went store-to-store to try and put it on display. The team was really positive about the outcome, as it was a really unique concept.

Deep, Rahul, and Mohit also went on to get recommendations from users, doctors, and others about the product. They gathered feedback and worked upon developing the product in accordance with it. But the team was disappointed with the results.

The team iterated that every store, including leading stores, claiming themselves to be modern and attentive about women’s needs, turned down the idea and completely refused to put it up on their shelves for display. Deep further added,

“For weeks, I couldn’t believe that they had turned us down because we had the word ‘pee’ in our product or because we were talking about ‘women peeing standing.’”

The team had invested a huge amount of Rs. 65 lakhs in the project since its inception, i.e., April 2014. Deep mentioned that he believed in the idea and refused to give up on it.

He further added that he is well aware of the fact that women in India do not have access to clean toilets, which can lead to contact with various diseases such as UTI.

He is of the view that women need this product to pee safe and prevent themselves from diseases that a dirty toilet can pass on. In addition to this, Deep said,

“Our only concern was our initial break. We knew that once women get to hear about the female peeing product, we were going to sell it like hotcakes.”

Let’s Know More About PeeBuddy

PeeBuddy is a female peeing product. It is disposable, funnel-shaped, and easy to carry. The device is built in a way that it fits between the legs, which helps women pee while standing.

The inspiration for the design of PeeBuddy is taken from that of a funnel. In addition to this, Deep Bajaj stated that the team had experimented with over 10 shapes that could fit the concept, until the co-founder, Rahul Anand came up with the funnel-shaped design.

They applied for a design patent as soon as it was finalized and were able to procure the design patent by February 2015.

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Usage & Benefits Of PeeBuddy – The Best Stand to Pee Device

As mentioned above, PeeBuddy comes with a wide range of benefits for women. Let us check out the highlights!

Easy, Convenient & Quick

The most crucial benefit of PeeBuddy is that this portable device is super easy to carry. Hence, you can keep it comfortably in your handbag without much hassle.

Also, you can use this device to pee while standing. You do not even need to pull your pants down completely to use this device. This means that it is discrete and neat.

Great For The Elderly

The Stand to Pee Device is especially handy for the elderly as they commonly face urinary incontinence. Hence, this is a wonderful aid for people who suffer from mobility disorders and the elderly in general.

In the same vein, sitting and squatting can also be a bit of an issue for old people. Therefore, this portable urination device is a good idea for pressing urinary needs.  

Perfect For Adventurers & Travelers

Nature calls in the lap of nature can be a bit challenging for women, unlike men. This becomes even more difficult if you have gone camping and need to pee in the dark.

Peeing while squatting in the jungle or the wilderness can be risky for more than one reason. Besides insect bites, you can also get infections. Hence, if you have a wanderlust soul, the female peeing product can be your best friend!

Helps Evade Gross Restrooms

Finally, this is the most obvious benefit of this Stand to Pee Device. With the help of PeeBuddy, you can evade gross restrooms and toilets as well as pee standing up.

Now, you do not have to deal with dirty toilet seats any longer! The best part about PeeBuddy is that it helps you according to your convenience without worrying about contracting some painful infection or disease.

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The Stand to Pee Device is Doing Really Well In The Market!

PeeBuddy is doing good on e-commerce platforms such as Snapdeal, Amazon, and HealthKart.

The sales have extended via various retail stores such as WHSmith, Modern Trade, and NewU. The biggest break for the startup was when Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon approached the team to make the product available to all the women runners in India.

As per company statistics, they have sold approximately 20,000 packs over the last year, amounting to INR 15 lakhs. The team is really happy with the response and the validation they are receiving from every sector of the society, especially women.

The team is very positive about the startup and is working to cater to every hygiene need of society. They plan to introduce a wide range of products in the coming months.

The concept behind the product is unique and needs to gain more acceptance by people in society.

The company’s vision with the Stand to Pee Device is appreciable as they are thriving towards achieving the goal of cleanliness and hygiene of society at large.

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