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Ayurveda Daily Tips Straight from the Experts

Elizabeth Lary and Scott Lary

Sure it’s great to go to an Ayurveda spa, but what can you do EVERYDAY to refresh? Here are 8 Ayurveda Daily Tips we use —

1. Wake up and get up early – best before 6:00 AM
when the daily cycle changes from Vata (lively time) to Kapha (dull and slower energy).

2. Do an oil massage with your bath/shower AKA Abhyanga (Est. 15 mins)

3. Prepare a breakfast to cook or stew-like apples, pears, raisins, etc. — so that it will be ready and waiting for you! (Est. 10 mins)

4. One of the best ayurveda daily tips is to do a few yoga (Asanas) (Est. 10 mins)

5. Practice a breathing technique (pranayama) (Est. 5 mins)

6. Practice meditation (Est. 20 mins)

7. Listen to Vedic recitations (chanting)  (Est. 5 mins)

8. Eat your ‘prepared’ light breakfast (Est. 15 mins)

Est total time: 80 mins for a Great DAILY Start and if you have been getting up at say 7:00 A.M. then actually this routine, getting up a 6:00 A.M. will only be an additional 20 minutes!

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1. Wake up and get up early – Get into the natural rhythm of the day!

A basic understanding of Ayurveda starts with the three DOSHAS: VATAPITTA, and KAPHA.

These are energetic laws of nature active during certain times of day. By being in tune with these times, you can get the maximum benefit. Each dosha has certain qualities that color that time of the day, and for that matter the seasons of the year. According to Ayurveda, there are six cycles during the 24-hour period – each cycle lasts about 4 hours. And each cycle has a predominant dosha associated with it.

From 2 AM to 6 AM  Vata dosha is most active. Vata is a lively and light so arising by 6:00 AM you will get the benefit of this liveliness.

From 6 AM to 10 AM the Kapha dosha is primary. Kapha is slow, dull, steady… so these qualities are more active after 6:00 AM

From 10 AM to 2 PM the Pitta dosha has its greatest influence. Pitta is transformative energy and fiery. It regulates metabolism. That’s why it’s good to have your main meal at noon when the Sun is highest in the sky and the fire of digestion is the greatest. (And skip the ice-cold lunch drinks because cold will dampen the fire of digestion and retard the metabolic process.)

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2. Do a Morning Oil massage (Abhyanga) – either before or after your bath or shower is a great way to condition and moisturize the largest organ in your body – the skin. Ayurvedic abhyanga is a simple massage technique that will enliven your system, improve circulation, and promote flexibility. A great way to begin each day! Check out this link for a full description and some ayurveda daily tips.

3. Prepare a light nourishing breakfast ‘ and put on the stove, in the oven, or in the crockpot’ Chop up some apples, pears, add a few raisins, cranberries, etc. and add water. Let them cook while you complete other essentials in your morning Ayurvedic routine.  Ayurveda suggests that the main meal be taken at noon and that breakfast is light – this will take advantage of the daily cycle of the sun’s energy as it affects digestion.

4. Do Morning Yoga (Asanas.) These are always done comfortably. Choose a few simple Yoga positions that stretch various parts of the body. Do them regularly without straining. This will help you maintain strength and flexibility.

5. Follow with a Breathing technique (pranayama). It’s an easy way to balance the physiology and good preparation before meditation. See here:

6. Meditate: Meditation allows a deeper connection to the organizing power of nature, which is within yourself. Transcendental Meditation ™ utilizes the natural tendency of the mind to go within to a field of greater happiness. TM is neither a technique of concentration or contemplation. It’s amazing just how easy it is! (see

7. Listen Vedic recitations (chanting) — listening easily to ancient sounds performed by pundits after meditation is one of the best ayurveda daily tips. It has an integrating effect on mind and body. (Now available as a phone app —

8. Eat the light breakfast waiting for you! Eat-in a relaxed peaceful setting and then you’re ready for a very dynamic day ahead. Enjoy and have fun!

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