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US Startup’s Dig at Performing Brain Transplants Using AI

head transplant

Recently people were surprised when they came across a social media post by a startup based out of the US. BraindBridge claims to have successfully developed an AI-powered system for brain transplants. It can certainly emerge as a groundbreaking technology facilitating precise transplants with the aid of molecular imaging and advanced robotics. 

According to the post, the concept is still in its initial stages but can soon become a boon for patients suffering from terminal diseases and neurodegenerative diseases. The system is capable of transferring heads over healthy donor bodies. 

The procedure comprises robotic tools that have been programmed to work simultaneously on both the recipient and donor. It will result in a seamless transplant of the recipient’s head, on top of the donor body.

How it works?

BrainBridge claims to have combined technologies like molecular-level imaging, AI-guided tools, and precise reconnection of the nerves and blood vessels. They have also come up with a video that showcases the procedure. It shows the extensive application of robotic surgeons and AI in the entire process. 

As is the case with every other emerging technology there are certain challenges that BrainNBridge is still trying to overcome. One of the most notable challenges of brain transplant is the difficulty of completely healing damage to the spinal cord and nerves. However, the company is building a team of recognized experts across fields to develop an effective solution. BrainBridge strongly believes that having the right set of people in their team can certainly fuel their progress. Besides the company is also working towards developing systems to facilitate full body transplantations. 

Future Plans

Being a startup BrainBridge is planning a lot more besides head transplants. They are looking forward to building breakthrough solutions in spinal cord reconstruction. This will have a substantial impact on the healthcare industry. However such innovations typically come with long-term implications giving new hope to patients with untreatable diseases.

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All of this is backed by Hashem-Ali-Ghaili a biotechnologist based in Dubai. He studied various research works in the field to plan the entire brain transplant process. For a successful brain transplant, the donor should be brain-dead with a functional body and vital organs. Shortly the company also plans to do face transplants which would be even more complicated. Although the approach may seem like straight out of a fictional story. BrainBridge’s post is generating a lot of interest among medical and science experts. For the time brain transplant remains a concept. BrainBridge is likely to bring revolutionary advancement in the field.

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