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Did You Know Whatsapp Offers You Much More than Just Free Messaging and Calling?

Enashree Chakraborty
  • Let’s help you learn some new Whatsapp tips today. The platform has an estimated active monthly user rate of 1.5 billion making it the most popular messenger service.
  • It allows changing the preference of text language thus allowing conversations in regional languages
  • Pinning important conversations and bookmarking important messages are among the many handy tools offered by the app.

Whatsapp is the world’s fastest social messaging service. It was bought out by Facebook and has quickly become a household application and lately even for business. Whatsapp works not just on smartphones but its latest updates have made it compatible with some CDMA models as well.
Unlike most applications that start out as a website and then built their presence in apps, Whatsapp innovatively captured the messaging service via data and as an added advantage, provide a Whatsapp web service to connect the messenger on your computers and android and smart TV for easier typing and viewing on larger screens.

Whatsapp Tips for Personal Messaging:

  • Whatsapp allows users to share all kinds of multimedia therefore friends and families can instantly share all their memories on the app instead of email and Bluetooth which may take much longer.
  • It allows deleting messages that may have been sent accidentally or to incorrect contacts within a given time period
  • It allows instant communication between friends and family in times of disasters or emergencies.
  • Features such as status let you share personal achievements and requirements with your contacts indirectly without spamming.
  • Blocking contacts who spam you or are indecent or inappropriate is a great privacy feature. Whatsapp also allows you to report a contact in case of multiple inappropriate messages.
  • Another great privacy feature is choosing your audience who can view your Display picture, status, about-you section, and your last-seen status. This helps avoid conflicts and helps keep out unrequited attention.
  • Whatsapp also allows you to carry messages from one device to another by backing up chats on your google account that can be later be retrieved.
  • It also allows sending instant voice mails for the times you are unable to type long messages.
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Whatsapp Tips For Business:

  • Broadcast messaging: It allows the user to share a particular piece of information with a large group of people at once without having to type or copy-paste it to various contacts. All they need to do is tailor a message that is applicable to a crowd, in general, all while having a personal touch. This gives the receiver a sense of importance which helps build business relations.
  • For Marketing and Promotion: Whatsapp allows the sharing of SMS as well as MMS. Unlike email and SMS services, WhatsApp has fewer restrictions. Therefore businesses can send out documents, audio files, short videos, or images to customers to share information on their products.

For example, restaurants can share their menu which saves paper and customers can check the items and order through messages as well.

  • For internal Team communication: It is very handy to make groups of certain sectors or teams in an office to instantly share ideas and updates. There is no necessity for email spamming.
  • For Customer Communication: Instead of bombarding people with Sales calls all day at inappropriate times, WhatsApp allows for instant messaging to customers. This way customer can check the messages in their own time and revert back. Also, this gives a personal touch without the presence, whereas a phone call usually annoys most of them.
  • For Customer Support and Feedback: It also allows customers to reach out to small businesses more quickly and efficiently. Most customers complain about never hearing back after mailing businesses but with WhatsApp, the communication is easier and guaranteed to yield results. However, this is not efficient for companies with large clienteles
whatsapp tips

Whatsapp allows you to write small introductions about your business to let customers and clients know what you do thereby eliminating the need for personal introductions.

As of the upcoming updates, WhatsApp has introduced Whatsapp Pay and is rolling it out to chosen countries such as Brazil, India, Germany, the US, México and Great Britain. It is expected to hit worldwide following the success in these countries. It will pose as an easier online banking facility somewhat similar to Google pay.

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The new updates on Whatsapp include:

  • QR codes to add new contacts instead of having to save numbers manually. This eliminates the risk of saving incorrect numbers of important contacts.
  • Similar to Telegram, Whatsapp is also rolling out a self-destruct messaging facility soon. This way users can determine when a particular message or conversation ill disappear in case it is personal or incriminating. This gives users a much-added reassurance of privacy.
  • Dark mode to making it easier to use at night without straining the eyes and save energy on the device.
  • Whatsapp will sort your messages automatically by frequency of interactions, i.e. contacts with whom you frequently interact will remain on top of the lists whereas contacts with whom you do not interact, will slide to the bottom. This way important conversations ill trickle to the top.

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