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5 ‘Clear-Cut’ Signs Your ‘Man’ Really Loves You and 5 ‘Red Flags’ He’s Using You

R Varsh
  • Every new romantic relationship comes with a certain set of insecure feelings.
  • Many young girls who are newly involved in a relationship often have insecure feelings about their ‘man’.
  • Insecure feelings often arise because of past relationship trauma, break-up stories from other sources, and fear of loneliness.

There is a famous quote:

“A Great Relationship is About Two Things: First, Appreciating the Similarities and Second, Respecting the Differences.”

Insecurities are the part of relationships and nobody can deny it. Many women and young girls feel insecure in their romantic relationships because of various reasons. Some women may have suffered badly in past relationships while some girls may have listened to their bestie’s break-up stories which sow seeds of insecurities in their mind. Fortunately, there are certain signals that can help you identify your ‘Mr. Right’ and some signs that will show he’s not suitable for you.

Loves You: He Gives Priority to Spend More Time with You

Everyone is busy with their office and other work. However, when a ‘man’ truly loves you, he will look forward to spending more time with you. Of course, if he is stuck with some important work, he will let you know immediately and definitely take you out for a date after his work.

Uses You: He’s Ignoring Your or He Procrastinates Meeting You

He is always busy with his set of friends and unimportant office tasks. He may ignore your messages or calls or yell at you for calling during his work. If you have planned a date with him, he will either forget it or procrastinate it giving some excuse.

2. Loves You: He Pays Attention to Your Words and Shows Interest in Discussion

When you are talking or sharing something with your ‘man’, he will genuinely pay attention and take part in the discussion. He will show interest in what’s all happening in your life, challenges you are dealing with, your friends, family whereabouts, etc. He daily enquires about your day in the office or home.

Uses You: He Shows Disinterest in Your Talks or Throws Negative Comments

He is always busy with his mobile or TV and just produces a humming sound in your talks. If he is really listening to your talks, he will either insult your friends and family or laugh on your certain life decisions to slow you down.

3. Loves You: He Remembers Your Likings and Arranges Surprises for You

Your real ‘man’ will always remember your favorite food, ice-cream flavor, TV shows, etc. He always tries to make you happy by giving sweet surprises on your birthdays or buying something you were craving for many months.

Uses You: He Never Bothers to Buy Your Anything, Forget Surprises

He doesn’t know your needs and never thinks of buying anything that will make you happy. If it’s your birthday or something special, he will just do a formality of giving flowers and rushing to work.

4. Loves You: He Ends Argument with a Positive Note

If you both fight, he will talk with you in a mature way and try to end the argument in privacy with a positive note. He will accept his faults and promise that he will not hurt yours again without analyzing the situation.

Red Flag: He Manipulates You or Creates Public Scene

He will use your weaknesses against you and make you feel guilty in the fight. If you are in public, he will not bother to look around and create a scene blaming you for his mistakes, therefore, embarrassing you.

5. Loves You: He Asks Your Opinion Before Taking Any Major Decision

If Your ‘Man’ truly loves you, he will your opinion before taking any bigger step, be it purchasing a home, car, or changing job. He values your advice and is ready to compromise if necessary.

Uses You: He is Selfish and Never Compromises

Your ‘Man’ may not be suitable for you if he takes major decisions without consulting you. He looks for his own benefits in any situation and is never ready to compromise with you. He wants you to follow his orders like a servant.

If you see ‘Red Flags’ more than love signs in your relationship, probably it’s time to reconsider your relationship with him. Please share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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