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Nag Tibba Trek- all you need to know

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Nag Tibba is a sky-scraping peak in Uttarakhand. Uttarakhand, known as “The Land Of Gods” (Devbhumi) is a state in North India. It is a paradise for all trekkers. The attraction of Uttarakhand lies in the gigantic Himalayas. It is carpeted by the most divine of the rivers, the spiritual mystery, snow-covered Mountains, spectacular landscapes, colorful natural surroundings, breathtaking ancient history, fascinating flora, and fauna, and numerous temples having hundreds of years old significance that devotes true meaning to Hindu religion. Uttarakhand also known as Uttaranchal is divided into two regions that is “Garhwal” and “Kumaon”, based on which the natives there are called Garhwali or Kumaoni by their region of origin. 

Nag Tibba Trek offers you the most exciting trekking experience having an altitude of 9,914 ft (3,022 m). The name Nag Tibba comes from the ‘God Of Snakes’ ( Naag Devta). The word Nag means snake and Tibba means peak in the local language of Garhwali. Natives all call it by the name of  Serpent’s peak. The range of Nag Tibba is one of the three ranges of the Lower part of the Himalayas, the other two are Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal. The difficulty level of the trek ranges from Easy to Moderate level, people having no prior experience in trekking can do it easily. So, what are you waiting for, let’s go beginners!

Trial of Nag Tibba

The trails of Nag Tibba trek are easy to surmount for anyone with only a basic level of fitness. The trek from Pantwari has a moderate gradient. The primary task, if any, lies on the day of the summit because the path after the Nag Mandir Campsite is steep or even engulfed during the winter season. This section does raise the bar for beginners who are new to Himalayan trekking. As they have to experience hiking over ankle-deep snow through dense Oak forests on the second day of the trek. 

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Do you know during the peak winter season, the snow can even run knee-deep in some sections? As a result, it requires the trekker to pull through at every step. Do prepare for a similarly complicated descent from the summit. Commonly, on the treks of the Himalayas, the descent takes approximately half of the time that of ascent to any point. Whereas on the Nag Tibba Trek, the descent and ascent take the same time even though retracing the same route from the summit to the campsite. In the afternoon, the snow on the trails tends to get slippery in some sections demanding more time while traversing downhill as well.

Highlights About The Trek 

It’s widely believed by all of the people who come here for hiking that whilst you climb the trek from Pantwari to Nag Tibba Base Camp, then you’ll get some of the most wonderful views of this trek till the time you complete the trek. 

In Nag Tibba Trek Base Camp there is a hundred years old temple of Lord Nag Devta. The Jaunsar, Bawar, and all the local people come here every year to worship Nag Devta for their and their family’s good health and for good farming, with great enthusiasm. This temple is not only an addition to the beauty of the trek but also has great significance and it is even highly worshiped by the villagers for the protection of their cattle.

The trek takes you through the green dense forest having wealthy flora and fauna, and you will be further surprised because of its beautiful clearings.

You may genuinely be gazed by the perspectives of Bandarpunch peak, Kedarkantha top which are closer to the north Kala Nag, Srikanta, Gangotri group of mountains Doon valley and snow peaks of the Changabang also are seen from the summit of Nag Tibba.

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Why Nag Tibba?

The Starting of the trail is easy as compared to other treks. So it is best for family vacation beginners, school trips, or weekend treks.

It is a combination of a lot of heavenly bodies in a single place which includes the panoramic view of the Himalayan stages, pine forests, and hundreds of varieties of vegetation and fauna.

Amazing landscapes so I will suggest you carry proper photo gear & even Extra battery backup so that you can capture all the joyful moments that you can cherish all your life.


I bet you that you will get rewarded by the Plethora of delightful opinions on this weekend trek as it is a perfect trek because of its short duration and just the right trek for spending weekends with your family and friends. This short and adventurous trek has a variety of landscapes which definitely makes this trek an interesting one. So, rejuvenate yourself in this trek and wreck the monotony of life.

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