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Struggling with Internal Team Collaboration? SharePoint is the Revolution You’ve Been Waiting For

Samantha Green

Collaboration. It’s essential for business success, yet so many companies struggle with it. Between remote employees, multiple office locations, clunky email chains, and inefficient processes, effective teamwork can feel out of reach. But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

SharePoint is changing the game when it comes to internal collaboration. This powerful platform helps break down silos, streamline communication, and provide the foundation for productive teamwork. But how exactly can SharePoint take your collaboration to the next level? Let’s find out. 

The Nightmare of Fragmented Collaboration 

Imagine this scenario. Your employees are spread across multiple locations. People are wasting time searching for the latest project documents and updates. Conversations get lost in giant email chains. There’s no central place to store and share files. Meetings feel unproductive as people struggle to get on the same page. Deadlines are missed because tasks fall through the cracks. 

Sound familiar? For many companies, this fragmented approach to collaboration leads to: 

  • Confusion around which documents are current 
  • Lack of visibility into project status 
  • Important information getting buried in individual inboxes 
  • Difficulty finding answers to questions 
  • Repeated work due to lack of coordination 
  • Missed deadlines and budget overages 

These consequences of poor collaboration aren’t just frustrating. They directly hurt the bottom line through wasted time, delays, and redundant work. But what if there was a better way? 

SharePoint: Your Team’s New Best Friend 

SharePoint provides a centralized hub for teams to collaborate, share files, and manage projects. It breaks down silos and unites team members. 

With SharePoint, you can finally say goodbye to: 

  • Outdated status reports buried in email chains 
  • Endless searching for the “right version” of a document 
  • Redundant work because the left hand doesn’t know what the right is doing 
  • Lack of visibility into team projects and tasks 
  • Missed deadlines and quality issues from poor collaboration 
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SharePoint gives your team a single source of truth – a centralized ecosystem where people, content, data, and processes converge. This creates transparency, accountability, and alignment. 

The result? Seamless team collaboration with less friction and fuller visibility. 

Let’s explore the top benefits: 

Robust Permissions Management 

With SharePoint, you maintain complete control over user permissions. Securely store confidential documents that only certain team members can access. 

Grant broader access for information that should be widely shared across teams. Manage these nuanced permissions with just a few clicks. 

SharePoint balances open team access with air-tight security – giving you the best of both worlds. 

Streamline Team Communication 

Communicating via scattered email threads can make you feel crazy. SharePoint lets you: 

  • Have focused conversations in one place via team sites. 
  • Easily track discussion threads and search archives for answers. 
  • Update project status and share announcements on team sites. 
  • Get notified of important updates so you stay in the loop. 

Now you can ditch the inbox clutter and have streamlined, effective communication! 

Real-Time Co-Creation 

Teams can simultaneously co-create and co-edit documents in SharePoint. No more emailing versions back and forth or waiting your turn to work. 

With real-time editing, teams bring ideas to life together. SharePoint even shows you who’s working alongside you in the document so you can collaboratively create. 

Manage Projects and Tasks Seamlessly 

Juggling multiple projects with various deadlines, budgets, and tasks is no picnic. SharePoint helps by letting you: 

  • Create project sites to store all relevant files, data, and communication for each initiative. 
  • Use task management tools to assign responsibilities, track progress, and meet deadlines. 
  • Integrate with Microsoft Project to manage schedules and workloads. 
  • Provide visibility into project performance so teams can course correct quickly. 

With SharePoint, you’ll be armed with tools to make project management a breeze. 

Structured Document Management 

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Gone are the days of endlessly rummaging through cluttered network drives to find the right file. 

SharePoint offers a structured document management system with version control. Easily store files in the relevant library or folder. Quickly locate documents with metadata and search. 

No more duplication issues or wasted time hunting for files. SharePoint keeps your team organized and aligned. 

Boost User Adoption Through Customization 

The benefits of SharePoint are only fully realized when your people actually use it. That’s why customization is key. With SharePoint you can: 

  • Custom design sites with your branding, logos, and navigation. 
  • Configure sites for specific team needs like HR, finance, or engineering. 
  • Add web parts, apps, and integrations to optimize for your workflows. 
  • Provide self-service capabilities so users can tailor their experience. 

By providing familiar, tailored sites, your teams will eagerly embrace SharePoint as part of their daily workflow. 

Automated Workflows 

Streamline business processes by automating repetitive tasks in SharePoint. Build custom workflows without a developer to route documents, assign reviews, approve requests, and more. 

Cut down on tedious manual processes. Let SharePoint handle the busywork so your team can focus on meaningful contributions. 

Seamless Microsoft Teams Integration 

Since Microsoft Teams and SharePoint are integrated, your team enjoys seamless collaboration. 

Sync SharePoint files and folders to Teams channels for quicker access to working documents. @mention colleagues to loop them into conversations around relevant files. 

With SharePoint and Teams, your team stays on the same page with smoother project management. 

Centralized Knowledge Hub 

Imagine if your team’s collective knowledge lived in one searchable place. That’s the power of SharePoint. 

Use wiki pages to document processes, best practices, guidelines, and training materials. Store this operational knowledge in SharePoint as your go-to team handbook. 

New hires can get up to speed faster by leveraging this repository. It’s a living knowledge hub that evolves with your team. 

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And So Much More 

This just scratches the surface of what SharePoint can do. Other awesome capabilities include: 

  • Centralizing organizational information like directories, contacts, and org charts for easy access. 
  • Building intranet portals to engage and inform employees. 
  • Integrating seamlessly with Microsoft Teams and other platforms your company uses. 
  • Leveraging powerful data, process automation, and business intelligence features. 

Don’t Go It Alone – Partner with the Experts 

With so much potential, it’s no wonder SharePoint is revolutionizing collaboration. But realizing the full benefits requires proper planning and implementation. From building roadmaps to migrations to change management and training, executing a successful rollout is complex. 

That’s why partnering with certified experts like Beyond Intranet is so valuable. Their team of Microsoft Gold Partners can help craft a SharePoint environment tailored to your specific business needs and workflows.  

Bottom Line 

From intranet design to custom solutions and add-ins, you must ensure SharePoint transforms the way your teams work. 

Don’t settle for the collaboration chaos and misalignment holding your business back. Empower your people to do their best work together with SharePoint. Unlock the many possibilities of streamlined teamwork and take your organization to the next level. The revolution awaits – it’s time to seize it the best SharePoint Consulting

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