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Trevor Noah’s Dating History: Jordyn Taylor, Minka Kelly & More

Samantha Green

Trevor Noah has lived quite a storied romantic life. The comedian and former Daily Show host has been linked to various gorgeous, accomplished women over the years.

While Noah values his privacy, details about some of his past paramours have emerged. Let’s look at some lovely ladies who have caught this charming man’s eye.

Dani Gabriel

In 2014, Noah reportedly dated Dani Gabriel, a singer and physiotherapist from his native South Africa. They made appearances together as Noah toured as a stand-up comic. The relationship reportedly ended in 2015 when Noah relocated to New York City to host The Daily Show. Long distance may have been a factor.

Jordyn Taylor

Noah moved on with model and singer Jordyn Taylor in late 2015. They made their coupling red carpet official in 2018 at the MTV Movie Awards. There, Noah nabbed the Best Host trophy.

But just a few months later in the summer of 2018, the two had quietly split, reportedly simply growing apart. They have expressed no hard feelings. When asked in 2019 if she still loved Noah, Taylor replied endearingly, “Of course I love him. How could you not love him?”

Minka Kelly

Noah began dating actress Minka Kelly in 2020. Their romance quickly grew serious enough to move in together in Noah’s New York pad. In 2021, apartment hunting as a couple followed in Los Angeles.

But the relationship proved rocky. After a brief split and reconciliation in 2021, Kelly and Noah ultimately parted ways in 2022. An insider shared Kelly “would rather be single than waste her time with the wrong guy.”

Dua Lipa

Speculation ignited in September 2022 that Noah was dating megastar singer Dua Lipa. Tabloids published snaps of them appearing intimate over dinner at a New York hotspot.

However, whatever spark was there seems to have quickly fizzled out. By December 2022, outlets declared Lipa and Noah’s fleeting fling finished.

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Noah remains single and plays the field. But he stays open to finding meaningful romance someday. In 2016, he philosophized, “I realize that if I love myself and I have friends that love me and family that loves me…I exist in a constant state of love.”

So who might link up with Noah next? One thing’s for sure – she’s bound to be bright, beautiful, and impressive. Just like the long list of alluring exes, he’s left in his Hollywood wake.

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