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Your Self-Improvement Journey Starts With Self-Love

self-improvement journey
Suzanne Zacharia

Are you on a self-improvement journey? Then you are highly recommended to start with self-love. Self-love can give you a completely different and positive perspective on every aspect of your life.

You can learn how to show yourself compassion and quieten that inner critical voice. And find ways to boost your self-esteem and recognize your true worth. Self-love may seem a bit too far out there, a bit too hippy or New-Agey. For some, it may even seem selfish, unprofessional, or too much effort. However, going on a self-love journey can be truly life-changing.

Journey of self improvement

Even if you feel a bit low at the moment and self-love seems like too much effort, you can be pleasantly surprised how much lighter you can feel once your levels of self-love and compassion get better. Starting a healing journey with self-love is particularly important because it opens safe and beautiful doors for us to walk through – if we so choose. Without giving ourselves love, how can we really accomplish anything in life that nurtures our soul and makes our hearts sing in harmony?
During your self-improvement journey, see self-love from the perspective of how it can help you move forward. Take a moment to stop and think, feel the self-critical voice start to leave your body, challenge your negative old thinking and let the sunshine into your heart! Nourish your heart and soul, and your mind’s thinking will follow with ease.

Take some time for self-reflection, but not for dwelling on negatives. Find ways that help your body release all that self-critical tension, and assess how much you can see is safe to love yourself. Challenge old limiting thought patterns and allow yourself to grow, spiritually as well as emotionally.

Journey of self improvement

To be honest, not all of us can love ourselves all the time. We can experience different phases at different times in our lives. We can go between confident to sad to happy to self-conscious, and so on. Learn how to how to love your self in any situation, and you will sail through the tough times and relax into the good times. Change your energy, and your outlook on life will change. Heal your energy with love, let your spirit soar and your heart sing.

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If you truly love yourself, you are no longer looking outside of yourself for happiness. Happiness can now come from within. And wherever you go, it follows you, because it is in you. Learn to love yourself, even if just a little bit more, and see how you feel. I think you will like that.

My favourite skill for learning self-love is EFT Tapping, and done in expert steps, you can learn easy EFT Tapping skills that you can implement to literally feel lighter and stronger.

Self-Esteem’s Biggest Block in Your Self-Improvement Journey

Ever not spoken much at a social event, applied for a job, approached an attractive potential partner, or joined a hobby/group/class, just because you felt not good enough? Having given therapy since 2002 for self-esteem and confidence, it has become crystal clear to me that the biggest block to self-esteem is the thought of “I am not good enough”.

Limiting beliefs are formed subconsciously, in childhood or via later life events, and they are not processed like normal thoughts. A normal thought is questioned, analysed, or considered. A limiting belief dictates to us how we view the world, how we think about ourselves and abilities, and how we act, in a way that limits us. And nobody wants to be limited. Nobody enjoys listening to that inner critic and missing out on what they really want.

“I Am Good Enough” is the new belief that can take over from “I am not good enough” especially during your self-improvement journey. But how? Well, there is a method called EFT Tapping that kind of rewires your brain and has been scientifically proven to change your body’s biochemistry, so that you can think more positively.
This method had been around since the late 1990s and is gaining popularity because it can be used for self-help or with a practitioner. One great advantage I love about EFT Tapping is that it does not give you false beliefs about what you can be good at. For example, if you do not know how to swim, no amount of EFT Tapping would get you to go swimming. But it can give you the strength to go for swimming lessons, for example.

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“I Am Good Enough” is the most empowering statement that we can say to ourselves during our self-improvement journey. And when we reach the stage where we can say it with conviction, we are liberated and can step into our own power.

Suzanne Zacharia

With EFT Tapping for reaching this stage, be prepared for drama-free self-help, whether learning the skills from a specialist course or doing sessions with a practitioner. No more being a victim, it is now time to be free! People are often afraid to think about dark emotions like shame or fear, but honestly, not letting go of “I’m not good enough” is many, many times harder.  Maybe you just need a boost to your self-esteem in some areas, or perhaps you have felt shame most of your life about this or that. Be ready to leave that all behind, too. It is time to leave that old limiting belief behind and enjoy life without the fear.

Seeing is believing. Give EFT Tapping a try. If not for you, maybe you can try the much gentler Reiki. I think you are good enough to have read this anyway. Now get really curious about feeling “I Am Good Enough”. You can do it!

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