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Understanding estrogen dominance, its causes, symptoms, and treatment


What is estrogen dominance?
Causes of estrogen dominance
Symptoms of estrogen dominance
Testing and diagnosis 
Treatment options

Estrogen dominance is when the body has too much estrogen compared to other vital hormones like progesterone. Both women and men need some estrogen, but too much can cause health issues. This blog will explain what estrogen dominance is, what can cause it, common symptoms, and treatment options.  

What is estrogen dominance?

Estrogen is a critical hormone for reproductive health in both women and men. In women, estrogen facilitates the body to go through puberty and prepares the body for being pregnant. Men additionally need estrogen for sexual features. Estrogen dominance occurs when there may be too much estrogen in the frame compared to different hormones like progesterone. 

Progesterone allows balance out estrogen’s consequences. The extra estrogen can cause trouble when there isn’t enough progesterone. This imbalance between estrogen and progesterone is referred to as estrogen dominance. It can affect ladies before, during, and after menopause.

Causes of estrogen dominance

Some commonplace causes of estrogen dominance consist of:

  • Hormone therapy – Medications used to boost low estrogen tiers, like some birth manipulation tablets, can cause an excessive amount of estrogen at the beginning.
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) – This condition causes irregular periods and an extra of estrogen compared to progesterone. 
  • Being obese – Extra fat tissue produces estrogen, so sporting extra weight increases estrogen ranges. 
  • Environmental pollution – Chemicals like BPA and phthalates observed in plastics act like estrogen in the frame.
  • Stress – Stress hormones disrupt your frame’s progesterone production. 
  • Poor liver function – Your liver breaks down estrogen, so trouble preventing this boom in estrogen tiers.

Symptoms of estrogen dominance 

Symptoms depend on your sex but can include:

– Irregular or heavy periods 

– Breast tenderness

– Mood issues like irritability 

– Weight gain 

– Fatigue

– Fibrocystic breasts

– Decreased sex drive

Men with excess estrogen may experience fertility issues, enlarged breasts, or erectile dysfunction. Extra estrogen is also linked to certain health problems like cancer in both women and men.

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Testing and diagnosis  

If your doctor suspects estrogen dominance, simple blood tests can measure estrogen levels. Detecting the cause involves a medical history and exams. For example, imaging may find tumors in the ovaries or uterus related to high estrogen.

Treatment options

Treatment specializes in the underlying cause by way of:

– Adjusting hormone therapy or medications that accelerate estrogen ranges

– Managing PCOS with birth control tablets or the diabetes drug metformin  

– Losing weight via weight-reduction plan and exercising modifications

– Taking progesterone cream or supplements

– Surgery to take away estrogen-producing tumors or ovaries

– Medications like aromatase inhibitors to reduce estrogen production

In the end, estrogen dominance happens while estrogen tiers surpass other hormones like progesterone. It can expand from diverse causes and lead to signs affecting health and the best of life. Understanding estrogen dominance makes dealing with it via a group technique greater doable.

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