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Brian Chesky Partner Elissa Patel Facts

Elissa Patel Facts
Rosy Aggarwal
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Elissa Patel is the better half of Brain Chesky who is CEO of multi-millionaire company Air BnB whom she met on tinder. She is an artist and entrepreneur in her own venture name the east Darjeeling where she designs floral headpieces.
Before the origin of East Darjeeling she used to work as an artist at various technology companies including front-back, pay, Intel Corporation, United Nations, etc. later she quit her freelancing and founded a new startup called East Darjeeling in New York City USA.

Here are a few things that you might not know about her.

About Her Early Life

She was born on 10th June 1990 in San Francisco California. She is about 30 years old as of 2020. She follows and believes in Hinduism and brought up a traditional Indian family as well as a reputed American.she is in a relationship with Bryan Chesky who is CEO of Air BnB.
Elissa Patel has completed her study from the Harker school Saint Johns California. The Harker school is a  private school in Silicon Valley. She has also pursued a course in a business study from international business imperial college London and finance and economics at Shanghai University in 2010.

Physical Appearance

  • She owns a good figure and body personality.
  • Her height is 5 feet 4 inches and weighs about 55 kilograms.
  • Her eye colour as well as hair colour is black and she has a curvy body shape.

She Has a Family

  • She belongs Indian family as well as a touch of standard American culture. We have no information about our siblings.
  • They also have a very beautiful story about their meetup.
  • She met with Brian on tinder and both licked each other and started dating soon. They are currently living together happily

Her Career in a glance:- she is a  full-time entrepreneur and design artist. She began her career in the technical field but moved to arts and found a new venture East Darjeeling.
She was previously working on ART projects and has worked as a marketing manager at the front back account executive at Wepay etc.
She worked at the front back company from July 2014 to 2 April 2015,  at we pay she worked from March 2012 to May 2013. Ultimately in 2018, she founded her venture East darling.

Some Interesting Elissa Patel Facts

  • She is an American born Indian Artist & Technologist.
  • Elissa met her life partner, Brian Chesky on Tinder in New York then moved to California, the headquarter of Airbnb.
  • Her parents have Indian past and Hindu in religion.
  • After working at the various technology companies, she moved to a full-time artist job.
  • Elissa’s grandparents were from Gujrat and moved to the US in 1950.
  • She is a big fan of Nidhi Bhanushali
Elissa Patel Facts

Elissa Patel Facts – Some Funny Gossips

Once she travelled 38000 miles across 24 time zones for art.

Patel recently put up a five-second video of herself in Cape Town, saying, “An answer to those asking if the work was photoshopped”. Wearing a colourful skirt, she walks into the frame, which has an easel in the foreground and a mountain in the back.

It appears that Patel never travels without her art supplies. She even takes her easel with her everywhere she goes so that she can create art on the go. According to her Instagram post, Patel has travelled to nine cities in under two-and-a-half weeks. And she estimates that is about “38,000 miles across 24 time zones”.

Why East Darjeeling?

On a question that why she is chosen is darling East Darjeeling over many career opportunities, she says that it was my dream that eventually became successful.
She further says that every human can create magic. She believes the world becomes more vibrant when people lean into themselves. She thought of many names but after all, it was Darjeeling that represented storytelling.

The name Darjeeling itself connects to her background as an Indian artist. You are unaware of the place Darjeeling which is in the upper part of India and is famous for marvelous tea leaves.
When she thinks of India she thinks of Vivid hue that vividly reminds her of all the flowers she uses in her artwork.
She wants ultimate beauty in her pieces like Darjeeling which is the lush green beauty against the beautiful Himalayas.
The whole idea of nature meeting conflict reminded her of flowers and the creation of nature in her story.

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