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How to Defeat Godrick the Grafted

defeat godrick
R Varsh

You are going to need three essential things and of course some fighting strategy to defeat Godrick the Grafted. Read more…

Hello fellow gamers, welcome! It’s time to defeat Godrick the Grafted. Without wasting any of your time let’s begin.

So, you are going to need three essential things and of course some fighting strategy.

If you have the jellyfish, you’ve got one of them, if not, a little back in the game a lovely lady would want you to talk to her non-stop until she like you and gives the fish to you. The first thing you will need is the Jellyfish.

The second thing is the support of Nepheli Loux. Before the checkpoint that comes on your way, this is before the boss battle. There is a little room where you will meet Nepheli Loux. Like in the case of the earlier lady you needed to talk to for the fish, you will need to endlessly talk to Loux, until she decides to offer to help you fight against Godrick.

Lastly, you will need Magic. Give a magical affinity to your Partisan. Attach the Ash of War: Glimstone Pebble so that you can do decent damages to Godrick with it, while you keep going closer and be able to use the skill from a short distance. Use the Uchigatana with Carian Greatsword to strike from the side. Even though it takes time for the ability to activate you can take your chances because about a couple of these long blows at Godrick’s left leg can make him fall or at least cause massive damage. 

So, once you have these things, you are ready to attack. Start the fight by summoning the jellyfish and then let the massacre begin. Get to Godrick and keep attacking him from behind but beware of the tornado move, where you have to hold your blocking position before he starts rolling.

Next, when there is a jumping strike, you can avoid it easily by simply dodging slightly when closes up and you see him right above you. And when he comes up with the strike where he shatters the ground, hold your shield and move backward.

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That’s it, you’ve passed the first half, and now there is another nice surprise for you, but you just have to make sure to follow the same strategies for his strikes and keep hitting him hard. Keep yourself healthy, keep striking and gradually Godrick the Grafted will be defeated.

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