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5 Features of Music Apps That You Didn’t Know

Samantha Green

Using a music app but still not aware of the features it possesses? Here is the list of 5 features of the music apps that you are unaware about. Lets explore them together.

Music apps have some cool features that you probably didn’t know existed. Here we’ll look at Spotify, SoundCloud, Tidal, Amazon Music, and YouTube Music and share our favorite ones with you! Which ones do you use? Let us know in the comments! If you are from China, you can check out the list of Chinese apps via TechWhoop. We hope that this list will guide you choose the right app for you! Until then, check out our other articles on the subject!


If you’ve been listening to music on your iPhone or iPad, you’ve probably heard about SoundCloud. This popular music app has various features that make it worth trying. Here are three that you probably didn’t know. Its embedding option allows you to post the music player on your website without installing a SoundCloud app or logging into the service. SoundCloud embeds are easy to install and use. You can choose to post a specific playlist or track. You can even select the player’s background color to create your aesthetic for the site.

One of the most attractive features of SoundCloud is its ease of use. It doesn’t require complicated menus or submenus to get the things you need. Many music apps have confusing menus and can be challenging to navigate, but Soundcloud is designed to provide an excellent user experience. While this app is popular, it has some drawbacks. If you don’t use it properly, you may be frustrated and disappointed by its lack of functionality.

Premium plans aren’t as well developed on SoundCloud as Spotify’s, and they don’t offer family plans and aren’t as affordable as Spotify’s. However, the simplicity of uploading to the service makes it popular for up-and-coming artists. The service has been around for about eight years and has a thriving community of listeners. But SoundCloud is still a gray area for many musicians and labels. Some have withdrawn their music due to legal problems, while others have signed rev-sharing deals with SoundCloud.

You probably didn’t know about some other features of SoundCloud, including offline listening. The Discover tab lets you hear unique music tracks from all over the world. This feature is different from YouTube’s autoplay feature, which automatically plays tracks in the background. You can train the algorithm to find new ways by searching by tags, and you can always search by artist if you haven’t heard of this feature.

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If you’re new to Tidal, you might not realize that it has several features that you may find helpful. For starters, you can download singles and albums to listen to offline; this feature is only available for mobile devices. You can create a playlist and add tracks, and the app will sync these offline tracks with your online music library automatically. Using Tidal on your PC will require a desktop client, and if you want to use this feature on your Mac or PC, you’ll need to download the Tidal Desktop app.

Another cool feature of the Tidal app is its ability to create playlists and folders and browse albums. Long-pressing songs and albums will bring up a drop-down menu. You can also view the credits for each track. In addition to playlists and folders, you can also browse by genre, mood, activity, or event. Similarly, you can browse through the Tidal collection and find music that fits your mood or activity.

Another feature that you probably didn’t know about music apps is Siri integration. This means you can ask your Apple assistant to play your music when you’re not connected to your computer. You can even play the songs on your Apple Watch if you don’t have an iPhone or iPad. However, Tidal still lacks HomePod integration. If you’re looking for a high-quality music streaming service, you’ve come to the right place.

Tidal’s music content is also tailored toward the true music fan. It prioritizes impeccable audio quality and the stories behind music creators. Its $20 monthly fee may be worth it to some people. However, there’s no guarantee that you’ll love it. Try it for free for a month, and see if it’s right for you. If you dislike how it works, you can always cancel your subscription before it expires.

You can also listen to FLAC albums. The music quality of Tidal is exceptionally high, and it has several licensing agreements with top record labels. You can browse their Library using their Explore link, located in the mobile app or sidebar. Its playlists have been divided into mood playlists, staff picks, and Tidal Masters. You can create your radio stations based on artists’ songs and genres.

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Amazon Music

If you’ve been listening to music on an iPod for years, you may have missed a few features that are available on Amazon Music. The streaming service features a comprehensive library with over 60 million songs. While the selection is smaller than that of competitors like Spotify, Amazon’s catalog includes everything from classic hits to obscure indie music. You can also fix the quality of streaming music and enable lock-screen controls. While the app isn’t the best choice for listening to music daily, it offers some cool features worth mentioning.

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For instance, if you have an unlimited data plan, you may want to consider using a data-saving mode to save data. Although Amazon doesn’t reveal the exact data usage per song, most users report using over two megabytes of data per hour. That isn’t that much, but it can help if you’re trying to save data on a mobile plan. Similarly, using a high-quality setting may mean reducing data usage.

It also helps you create playlists, and the Prime Music app also enables you to download tunes to listen to offline. You can also browse the thousands of pre-made playlists created by Amazon employees. And if you have an Amazon Echo, you can listen to free streaming music through Alexa, who plays the occasional ad. If you’d rather listen to music through your television, you can even download it to your computer’s hard drive.

Amazon Music is an exciting competitor to Spotify, and it can offer a complete catalog of 75 million tracks for a low monthly fee. Despite its low price, it’s possible to upgrade your free Amazon Music Unlimited account to the Amazon Music HD tier free, and you can even access high-resolution audio streams. That’s the equivalent of Apple Music HD. You can even use Amazon Music to play your favorite albums.

There’s also the Alexa feature, which allows you to control your music from your voice. The Amazon Music app offers hands-free listening, but users must enable it on their device to use it properly. If you don’t want to give up hands-free voice control, you can ask Alexa to play or pause the music on your device. for this instance, you can ask Alexa to play music or ask her to make a playlist based on your mood, genre, lyrics, and artists.

YouTube Music

There are some exciting features on YouTube Music that you probably didn’t know about. One of those features is the ability to save playlists and downloads to your Library. You can also search for specific artists to find their latest releases. YouTube Music artist channels offer information on new releases, and you can subscribe to one of them to hear the latest music from your favorite artists. You can also save favorite artist playlists to your Library.

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Google is constantly updating its services. The real recent update brings several new features to YouTube Music. Its free tier will now include background music playback. In the past, it was only available for paid users. But the recent changes to the free plan have allowed users to access millions of songs from other streaming services. You can now find millions of songs on YouTube with the help of this service. Here are some of its features that you probably didn’t know about.

The Mixtape feature allows you to listen to all of the music videos you’ve previously watched and stream-only songs without video. You can also browse through other people’s playlists and albums. This solves the problem that users face when they can’t find their favorite songs on streaming services. You can look for a song on YouTube, and if it’s available, it will be available on YouTube. It also allows you to download songs to your computer to listen to them whenever you want.

YouTube Music also includes a premium tier, which removes all advertisements from the site. This also gives you access to music videos, albums, and live performances. Premium subscribers can also download music and play it without the screen locked. This way, you can save data when listening to music. But you should also be aware that you can’t access non-music videos. Provided you are not a paid subscriber, you can use YouTube Premium, but you won’t have access to premium content.

One feature that you probably didn’t know about YouTube Music is downloading. You can download music videos, songs, and playlists on your device. Of course, this option requires an SD card or plenty of space. There are some additional options, though, such as the ability to limit mobile data and adjust network quality. You can also set the time when music videos download. If you want to download music, have enough space on your microSD card for the files.

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