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10 Things to Know about the UK’s Newly Crowned Monarch King Charles III


The queen is dead, long live the King! After 70 long years, the United Kingdom has a new monarch – King Charles III.

Charles took over the crown at age 73 after his mother, Queen Elizabeth II passed away in September 2022. As the oldest heir apparent in British history, Charles waited in the wings for decades before becoming king.

But who is this new sovereign? It turns out that King Charles is not your typical monarch! Here are 10 fascinating facts to get to know him better:

Made history by attending school

Charles was the first heir to the British throne to attend school – first at Hill House School in London, then Gordonstoun School in Scotland. He even spent some time studying in Australia!

Served in the military

The new king trained as a jet pilot with the Royal Air Force and helicopter pilot with the Royal Navy. He learned to skydive with the Red Devils parachute team, too.

Has a university degree

In 1970, Charles graduated from Cambridge University with a Bachelor’s in history – the first British monarch to earn a university degree!

Speaks Welsh

To prepare for his investiture as the Prince of Wales in 1969, twenty-year-old Charles learned to speak Welsh. That’s some dedication!

Is an avid outdoorsman

King Charles loves the great outdoors. As a young man, he enjoyed sailing, scuba diving, hunting, fishing, polo, and water-skiing. He’s still outdoorsy – recently, planting trees is one of his favorite activities.

Has an artistic side

The king is a keen painter who has publicly displayed his watercolor paintings. He’s also passionate about theater and classical music.

Known for philanthropy

As Prince of Wales, Charles founded over 20 charities that fund causes like education, health, social inclusion, and the environment. His organizations raise around £140 million annually!

Devoted environmentalist

The environment is a cause close to King Charles’ heart. He spoke about plastic pollution in 1970 and often used public transport to reduce his carbon footprint. That’s some real commitment!

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Media presence

Believe it or not, as Prince Charles has appeared on shows like Coronation Street and even presented the BBC weather forecast! He also enjoys stage magic and is a member of the esteemed Magic Circle magicians group.

Has grandkids!

King Charles has two sons – Prince William and Prince Harry, who are first and second in line to the throne. Through them, he has five young grandchildren to dote on!

So there you have it – ten intriguing facts about Britain’s new sovereign. He’s indeed a monarch who breaks the mold. King Charles promises to make his mark uniquely during his reign. It will be exciting to see what else we discover about this untraditional royal in the coming years!

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