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How to Choose A Private Consultant?

Private Consultant

Private healthcare gives you the advantage of selecting surgeons and consultants you come across. But, when it comes to picking a private consultant, how do you do it? Again, how do you make a choice from the ones you’ve found?

This process may be arduous because you may not be experienced in the field of medicine enough to know which doctor can serve you better. All hope is not lost as there are ways around it. Some of these ways are what we will be showing you in this article. Do read on to know more.

Picking a private consultant

For starters, we recommend:


Advice and recommendation from a GP

It is typical to get a referral from a GP before receiving treatment from a private consultant. This makes this approach the best starting point. It is your GP that’s capable of recommending the right private specialist for your health concerns. Taking your GP’s recommendation is not compulsory, but based on their experience, they are in a better position to know the reputation and speciality of most local doctors practising privately.

Looking for a GP near me, Blood London provides fine GPs with experience that can help you choose a private specialist.

Medical Insurance Restrictions

A lot of private medical insurance policies set boundaries on your freedom to choose a private consultant. Some of them will even insist that you go with their own choice of consultant. For instance, BUPA runs a scheme known as Open Referral. Here, you have to choose one from among two or three local specialists provided by them.

When you decide not to use your insurance company-recommended consultant, you will discover that they won’t cover the full cost of your treatment should the cost be above what you are supposed to pay.

What other ways can you choose a private consultant?

There are other methods of selecting a private specialist for your treatment. Having streamlined your choice or have your insurance company or GP do that for you, there is a need to get more information. Now, there are several ways to learn about local consultants. They include:

  • Talking to friends and family members who have had treatment
  • Do online research of the consultant using their personal website or hospital website
  • Google search the consultant to find out if there are good or bad reviews about their practice
  • Dig into their qualifications and field experience
  • Get to know their published success rates, including unexpected returns to theatre, and infection rates

Think About Your Priorities

Considering your reason for going private firsthand is very important when choosing your consultant. For example, if your reason was quick treatment, then you should seek good availability. Should it be quality treatment, it is key that you pick a consultant who works out of a hospital that qualifies as standard in your terms.

Another important consideration is whether getting the best consultant or private doctor is worth travelling for, and potentially being beyond the reach of your guests.

Speak With The Consultant And Their Team

When you have chosen a consultant, the next thing is to meet and greet. The way your consultant or his team presents themselves will inform your speculation on how you will be treated as time goes on. Remember, first impressions matter a lot.

If your first meeting turned out great and you are satisfied with what you received, you can now proceed with scheduling an appointment with the consultant. Don’t get carried away by the fact that you chose them. Your treatment is not a one-consultant-must-finish all procedure.

Do not proceed with treatment if:

  • You feel you are not having clear communication with your consultant
  • You do not like their attitude or manners
  • You are not comfortable for any other reason
  • Your consultant does not give you a reason to trust them

This may feel a little bit inconvenient, but you have to look for another private GP. Yeah, this may involve fresh payment, yet it may be better than having someone you are not comfortable with or lack confidence in to treat your case.


There are no hard and fast rules for picking a private specialist. Your comfort and how well you are treated matters a lot. The kind of relationship that exists between you and your consultant or their team plays a big role in determining how much care and trust you can receive and impose on them.

Finding a consultant isn’t the end of your search. You can always switch consultants if you are not getting the right treatment. Need a private doctor in London? Look for finely selected consultants that are warm, understanding, and experienced.

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