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  • Online dating is a popular concept in today’s time.
  • According to statistics, over 50% of singles use various online dating platforms.
  • Various safety measures should also be taken into consideration before going on a date.

How great does it feel to get a notification from a dating app saying “IT’S A MATCH”? In today’s time, online dating has become evidently popular and is evolving continuously. There are plenty of websites like, eHarmony, etc. But, slowly, mobile apps like Bumble, Tinder, Hinge, etc. are making its way into the online dating regime. Statistics show that over 50% of singles nowadays are using these apps/sites to find a match for themselves. But, every rose comes with a stem full of thorns.

Therefore, one should stick to safe online dating and keep in mind the following to meet their perfect match:

  • Research about the person before reaching them and gain some idea as to what your match is like, by looking at their pictures and a few additional information.
  • Always video chat your match at least once before meeting him/her to establish authenticity.
  • Try and avoid using your number; instead, get yourself a google-voice-number to maintain privacy from a person you have never met.
  • Don’t fall for the conventional “I’ll pick you up at eight from your place” as you won’t want your match to have your address at the initial stage.
  • Always let your friends or family know about the specific details about your date’s time, location, person, etc.
online dating tips
  • Don’t get into “in-depth sharing of personal information” on the very first date. Give it time before you reach this level of comfort.
  • Try and say sober on your first date as no one can know about the intentions of the other person they are meeting for the first time in their life.
  • Always meet your date in a public place with people around like at a café, restaurant, or any other place to ensure your safety.

While it may seem that women are at a greater risk while going out on a date with a man for the first time. Men are equally at risk and need to be vigilant. The statistical report by a domestic violence hotline company shows that more than one in four men in the States have been subjected to physical violence, criminal stalking, and rape by their online dating app’s match.

online dating

Today, there are over a hundred online dating sites/apps available. Therefore, start online dating and find a match for yourself. Who knows your “the perfect one” is out there. Don’t miss it!

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