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How to Work Out in Your Garden – Outdoor Exercise Activities

Anna Smith

Are you looking to get fit? Facing a cash crunch and cannot rely on a gym membership? Well, have you given a thought to outdoor exercise activities, if you have a garden, you’re in luck. Being fit is one of the most important things in life. If you often feel lazy during the day, you must try an outdoor workout to see an improvement in your overall vitality and health.

In this blog, you will get to know 5 ‘no equipment’ exercises for different body parts that you can perform during outdoor exercise activities. All you need to do is to get a mat and a little dedication.

The Plank for Outdoor Exercise Activities

The first and my favorite one is the plank. You can perform this exercise anywhere, be it your garden. It may come out to be a little challenging but is absolutely effective as it strengths your abdominal muscles and core. For doing this, keep your neck in line with your spine to avoid neck strain. You need to lie on your front in a straight line, and then lift your body up in a way that you are supported by your toes. Make your forearms touch the floor and keep your body parallel to the ground. Be in that position for as long as possible and do not allow your middle part of the body to dip

Mountain Climbers

Are you facing a low heart rate? Do you find it difficult to get out of your house? Let me tell you that you can get your heart rate up anywhere, not necessarily in the gym. Mountain climber is the best way that you can use for getting your heart rate up. You need to ensure that you are wearing comfortable and suitable shoes so that you do not slip. Make sure you keep your back as straight you can. You are required to face the floor and let your hands and feet support your body. Lift your knees forward one at a time and run as quickly as you can. Do it as long as possible, my advice would be to complete it for at least 1 minute. Rest for 30 seconds and then start again

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Press-ups for Outdoor Exercise Activities

If you are a gym freak you must know about the barbell bench press. Press-ups are an equipment-free version of it, which is quite effective too. To start it easily, let your knees touch the ground. If you want to make it harder, you can use a chair, step or bench to raise your feet behind. You need to lie and face the floor, then lift your body and allow your hands and feet to support it. Keep your shoulder-width apart. Keep lowering your body until the chest comes near to the floor, but make sure your chest doesn’t touch it. Return to the initial position by forcing your hands into the floor to rise up your body.

Reverse Crunches

Hundreds of setups are not the only contributing factors to your toned abs for a flat tummy. In fact, when you do it for more than it is required, it can lead to back problems. There is a range of exercises for your core muscles which are both safer and effective. Reverse crunches are one of them. Lie on your back, make the flats of your feet point to the ceiling, and slightly bend your knees. You need to use your core muscles to get the lower half of your torso off the ground, which will raise your legs higher. Now get back to the starting position by lowering your legs in a controlled manner and repeat the process for as many times as you can. This is one of the best outdoor exercise activities.


The last but not the least is squats. The focus of this exercise is on your leg muscles and it also requires your core muscles for stability. For doing this, do not lift your heels, get as low as you can, and press your bottom firmly on the way up. Your head should face forward and make sure to keep your feet a little wider than shoulder-width apart. The way you sit in your chair, in the same way, sit back and lower your thighs to as parallel to the floor as possible. Continue this for as long as you can and then stand again. Take a little rest and then do it again

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Some Benefits of Exercising Outdoor:

  • Burns more calories comparatively
  • Improves your mood
  • Makes you focused and concentrated
  • Tops up your Vitamin D
  • Makes you more energetic

The exercises listed above need no equipment and can be performed in your garden.

All you need to do is to go to the garden with a mat and invest 10 minutes of your busy schedule. That’s it. It will lead to an overall improvement in your health, strength, and fitness.

Anna Smith

Anna Smith is a fitness and health specialist offering advice on fitness and healthy living wisdom that she practices to keep looking healthy and attractive. She has been in the health and beauty field for 5-years. She’s an author, fitness expert, health professional and has studied and researched hundreds of books. Her knowledge of diets can improve health incredibly, and has helped numerous men and women transform their lives.

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