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8 Simple Steps Weight Loss Tips

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Hi friends, I bring to you today some amazing weight loss tips that are very easy to follow. Obesity is the obsolete word for death before death. I am sure we know how it has taken a toll on many of us. How over-weight has played on our personal and professional lives.

I too have had over-weight complications and suffered the consequences.

Hence here are some weight loss tips through my own experience I would love to share how I fought through it, and how I have helped some friends to empower it. And today, they stand witness and express their happiness.

The WOW Feeling:

Here comes the feeling of having a good personality with a healthy heart and a lighter body. Take one step at a time, it’s a good start to help fight weight gain.
Here are a few simple and very effective steps to live a healthy life. It also keeps away many sicknesses. The thought of seeing everyone in good health is already a booster to me too. Follow my weight loss tips for the best results in the least amount of time.
First of all, we must be strong in our minds to take an initiative, which is difficult but not impossible. It’s difficult only in the beginning, later on, these good habits become a lifestyle.
Let’s make up our mind today, never to look back, and never to give up. Nothing comes easily, and there are no miraculous formulas to slim body.

Good eating habits: (you don’t need any special / hard diet)

  1. Start an early day with a glass of lukewarm water. You’re going to have a good flush out, drink another glass of normal water after.
  2. Go out for a long walk, jogging would be better.
  3. Breakfast between 8 to 9 am A good amount of fiber, oatmeal, corn flakes, with milk. An egg boil. (no oil or butter, or any fat). Or a bowl of boiled black gram.
  4. You might be hungry again by 11 am. Do not starve yourself. Have a plate of seasonal fruits or a glass of Juice.
  5. Now comes lunch. Take it an hour or two, after your 11 am brunch. A bowl of boiled rice or whole-wheat bread with baked potatoes, some salad, lean meat, fish, or seafood cooked with a little bit of turmeric, baked or low fried in little oil.
    Or a bowl of boiled lentil (pulses) with pepper without butter or fat. Some Yoghurt. It’s all about low fat, but more energy, vitamins, and protein.
  6. Some light snacks later when you feel hungry. Avoid junk food or even a second glass of juice. Some biscuits/cheese/ onion sandwich or some home-made baked snacks (not packeted snacks).
  7. Drink a lot of water throughout the day and take your dinner before 10 pm: (keep it light but filling) Some corn or mushroom soup before dinner would be better. Try taking a plate of boiled green vegetables, with some Olive oil, or some butter, whole-wheat pasta, etc. (avoid non-veg if possible).
  8. There is nothing called A Cheat Meal!!
    Sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours. Try not to drink too much water at night, to avoid waking up often.
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Weight Loss Tips to Remember:

Most important weight loss Tips – lots of water, during the day.

Those who have lots to shred, need to include much more difficult steps.

  • Yoga/ Exercise
  • Eating habits
  • Being happy
  • Positive mind
  • No Stress

The concept of not eating so that you lose weight is totally wrong, so never stay hungry. In fact, it has an adverse effect, you blot up more and more. So never keep your stomach empty. As you may end up with malnutrition, which is home for many other sicknesses. We must eat but as I have advised. We need to discipline our eating habits.

weight loss tips

Keep following strictly, the steps I mentioned in my earlier blog and include these few more added boosters.

It is very important to do yoga every day early in the morning. Yoga not only has an impact on the body but also on the mind. It is absolutely necessary to keep the mind out of stress, yoga solves 50% of any decease /sickness. So yoga is the best exercise, it is an early morning booster too and acts as a tonic. It tunes the body and mind. Light but regular yoga is good enough.

But for those who don’t want to do yoga, any other exercise is a must like regularly walking or jogging in the park, regular light exercises at home, skipping, regular swimming, climbing 4 to 5 flights of stairs every day. After you lose the extra weight some of these exercises may be reduced.

Until you have lost the extra weight add these few steps to the eating habit mentioned in my earlier blog:

  1. Drink luke warm water with half lime juice after you wake up in the morning.
  2. Eat in small amounts, more of boiled or baked stuff and no fries, no butter no ghee.
  3. Drink more water. Avoid cold drinks completely.
  4. In the evening have half lime juice in normal water with some honey.
  5. Stop munching in between, some nuts sometimes is ok.
  6. Make the body move more at every step rather than couching.
  7. Walk while you talk, walk while watching TV, keep walking in the room.
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Being happy is very important to keep the weight gain out: in spite of our daily problems and difficulties we need to keep ourselves happy as much as we can. Problems are part of everyone’s life, it cannot be exempted from life. So if we do need to go through it lets take it gracefully and challengingly. So with this attitude at least 50% of it is defeated. So this means less of stress, more of happiness and calmness in life. And no weight gain.

Remember, we must be positive in our minds and, make a strong will to make the impossible possible. It’s difficult only in the beginning, but if you keep a positive mind and continue all the steps religiously in our endeavor to lose weight, slowly you will start seeing changes in your body and you will be happy to have taken an initiative.  You will like to see the physical improvement in your weight loss and want to continue with this lifestyle. You will not want to gain weight ever again! Bye, Bye Weight Bug.

As I had earlier said that, obesity is the obsolete word for death before death. How overweight is a direct impactor on our personalities, our happiness and our life as a whole?

Let’s make up our mind today, never to look back, and never to give up. Nothing comes easily, and there are no miraculous formulas for weight loss. Only you can do it, and you will do it!!


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