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What kind of a guy would spike your drink at a club?

Nitish Bhan

The balance of power in society has always been a debatable topic. Men like to be on top to satisfy their male-ego, while women have slowly fought for their small place in this hierarchy as well. However, the battle to dominate the opposite sex continues from time to time at various levels. Whether it in the field of academics or jobs, to every major stage of life. The complications and implications that follow, shape the lives of people.

Here’s a video of a man spiking a girl’s drink:

Similar is the case while people go out to party and have a good time. There are always people who are dominating and others who are submissive. Some people just want what they want in their lives and go to any extent to have that. It was believed previously that spiking drinks was a myth but a 2016 study proved otherwise.

The study proved that spiking of drinks on college campuses was very real and it often leads to sexual assault cases. This is a growing evil in society and clearly needs to be dealt with.

As Heath Ledger’s Joker once said, “Some people just want to see the world burn.” The quote holds true in many cases and hopefully society can identify such people and protect themselves from them.

So what kind of guy exactly would spike your drink at a club?

While any man can turn from being to a monster with the blink of an eye, it is true that not just women are in danger. The problem looms with either sex and both have encountered this problem, as per the research when guys spike drink at club.

The report further adds that “rape” is the intention of the individual who spikes the drink. So, more often than not, it could be someone who is deprived of sex. It could also be a move simply instigated by lust or a person who is a sex-addict.

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Another individual could be the person who watches the wrong type of moves or pornography and has lost his or her way.

Violence instigates more violence and if these individuals are troubled in their personal lives, they tend to take it out on a third person.

This is eventually a long-term psychological disorder that needs to be sorted out. It doesn’t stop with one person and can eventually develop a serial killer or rapist if not checked at the right time, so serious actions to be implemented when guys spike drink at club

Another type of person who might do such a thing could be one who has been abused or bullied a lot. The urge to over-power and retain a firm grip on things in life is quite addictive. Taking revenge is also a policy that many like to encourage or implement in their day-to-day life. This can also be a reason why some may take such a strong step.

Whatever be the case, a criminal is born the day, he or she decides to cross a certain line.

The whole idea of partying is to have a good time. However, when things do get out of hand like in this case, it ruins lives and nothing more.

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