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The Valentine Week – What You Didn’t Know

Valentine's Day

LOVE is a bonding between two people or more which needs to be expressed off and on, hence it’s wonderful that we have a day set aside to express our love. Its better expressed than untold. Love feels better expressed in words and deeds.

Valentine’s Day is also called Saint Valentine’s Day. This Day is celebrated as a cultural, religious, and commercial day of romance and love around the world. Saint Valentine taught his followers to love and be good and kind to each other.

14th February was the day Saint Valentine was martyred by the Romans for expressing his love for Jesus Christ. He was persecuted for his teachings of love.


Valentine’s Week List

  • 7th February Rose Day
  • 8th February Propose Day
  • 9th February Chocolate Day
  • 10th February Teddy Day
  • 11th February Promise Day
  • 12th February Hug Day
  • 13th February Kiss Day
  • 14th Valentine Day

And counting-never know how many days may be added by the next generation. But the intelligent mind never fails to make each day as important.

Details Day wise Valentine’s Week List

7th February- Rose Day

The week starts with a beautiful flower- the Rose. One of the most beautiful flowers on earth – the Rose. How much more beautiful can a day be expressed as.

A beautiful day to start the Valentine week and to feel its fragrance. The fragrance of Love, the beauty of Love, soothing to the mind and heart. Many like to celebrate this day to show off their love and feeling.

Roses are gifted through loved ones and a joy is felt in all hearts. What a beautiful Day!!

8th February- Propose Day

So why let the Rose day go waste, let’s go ahead and propose, why wait for the ongoing feeling to die down, hence the day after Rose day developed into a Propose Day.

How articulate. So charmingly some take the courage to make it a day by starting with a proposal. May it be positive or negative, but with all high hopes!! One should not waste time but take the courage to do so.

9th February –Chocolate Day

HAHA!! What better way to sweeten a proposal, Chocolate, so tempting so Irresistible. It’s got to power boost our proposal! Is there anything more we crave for??

Who can say no to chocolates? Isn’t that bribing??

How brilliant! But its all for good. And all credits to the one who created Chocolates. A sweet creation. Love Chocolates! So let’s enjoy the chocolate day.

10th February- Teddy Day

If there is any better love gift in the world that can bring an instant joy to any, it’s the Sweet little Teddy. How weird, in spite of so many different gifts in the world  only Teddies bring out the best smiles on faces, one can bet on that.

Gifts are all incomplete without a Teddy, Why not lion, tiger monkey etc. But Teddy has a hold. Kuddos Teddy! While the Rose fades off, the Chocolate disappears, Teddy stays on.

11th February- Promise Day

OK, so one is expected to even Promise, hence the rose, chocolate and teddy were not enough. So the promise takes a toll. So here we make the promises to strengthen our proposal.

The promises to be broken later, or to be kept?  The million dollar question. What promises we make gives us challenges too.

How much better it would be not to make promises, yet it’s always satisfying to see one go through the promises we make in LOVE.

12th February -Hug Day

Here comes the physical aspect of love, Love personified in an expression- the HUG. It’s the best expression one can relate to. WOW!! It’s wonderful to hug and be hugged.

So to close the promise one needs to give a hug, or else how can anyone understand the intensity of our feeling. It’s what we all need off and on. And it works its wonders in any relationship.

So let’s hug all who we love, and make them feel important.

13th February -Kiss Day

Now the ultimate, the mind blowing action of Love, the Kiss.  That which cannot be expressed in words, the kiss tells it all.

Of course a beautiful kiss always compliments a hug, It’s undoubtedly, a complete feeling of love. The emotional feeling of oneness and closeness and selflessness.

So kiss on the Kiss day and everyday. Kiss all who we need to express our love to.

Finally to complete the week comes to a full whole package – Valentine’s day.

So go ahead, gift some beautiful roses on 7th, make a proposal with confidence on 8th, share some lovely chocolates on 9th, grab the little teddy on 10th, make a solemn promise on 11th, Hug the ones you love on 12th, Kiss all you love on 13th and close all this with LOVE on Valentine’s day, 14th February.

LOVE is of all kinds, parental love, friends love, siblings love, children love, love of lovers, love of teachers and students, animal love etc. So whatever the form of love, it’s LOVE that keeps us going, that keeps us alive and pumping.

All through these years Valentine’s Day was celebrated as a LOVE day and as it grew through generations, its importance grew and so did its glamour.

Though its contemporary developments and flare are different to the concept of its originality, yet it’s always fun to flow with the wave, and let everyone enjoy the feeling, and celebrate.

The present generation this one day was not enough, they went on to create more days and blocked a full week to gloriously celebrate their LOVE.

Hence came the awesome week, The LOVE week, The Friendship Week, The Memorial Week of any new relationship.

The more we try to explain its significance the lesser we grow in words. It’s Love- enacted in a span of 8 beautiful days, 8 days of Love and friendship.

Though mainly youngsters use this week as an excuse to pamper the ones they love, but all said and done it’s all for Love, so nothing matters beyond!

And the trends always change as time goes by and as the minds develop, its STYLE changes. So the fun is to enjoy the momentum however it may be produced.

    I am Barbara Mathilda, a lady who walked the earth 60 years in grace. Born and educated in Kolkata, India. I have a very strong Convent School background and professional training in Computer Applications. Worked in very good organizations such as; World Bank, Projects of The American Embassy, Sequoia Capital, CF Italia, Odgers Berndtson and the like.

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