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Router Tips to Have Undisturbed Wi-Fi During Work From Home

Samantha Green

Router tips – fix your lazy routers and get back to work. So, try out these free fixes before considering buying a new router. 

Imagine that you worked day and night on your project. You worked hard on the project because you know this one alone could give you a promotion. So, you decide to mail the project to the manager, and you are about to hit “send.” And that’s when your Wi-Fi connection is messing with you. You contacted your broadband company, and they say that it’s not a problem from their side. Yeah, I get you. If, apart from that, you’re also having trouble with IP Address, then take a look at the site here.

What if you could avoid this problem with some tips and save the money of paying a technician or a new router or the tension of late submissions? Yeah, you heard it right. There are numerous other easy ways to improve the quality of your Wi-Fi by yourself. 

Never Put Your Router Near a Wall or on The Ground

A router near a wall or on your ground is a significant wastage of signal. The signal is emitted in every direction from the router, and the signs can get absorbed or blocked by metal, cement, etc. If the router is kept near the wall or in its corner, only a few amounts of the signal will reach your devices and reduce Wi-Fi connectivity. 

To find your router’s best position, you can find places with tremendous or relatively high signal strength in your home using different signal strength measuring apps. You can use apps like Wi-Fi Analyzer and Cloudcheck for this purpose. Never keep your router in any closed box or cupboard; instead, keep them in an open space where you are working or the Wi-Fi is needed the most. 

Unplug Your Router When Not in Use

People always unplug appliances when they’re not used to avoid heating up. If left unattended, it might affect your router’s efficiency. Try clearing the routers at night; when you’re not at home, it is like rebooting your router.

Please Keep it Far From Other Electronic Devices.

Is your router kept near your television or your PC? Then you don’t have to go anywhere searching for the source of your network issues. Because the location of your router is the culprit in the situation, every electronic appliance emits different types of electromagnetic signals, and this emission of EM signals can

Channel Selection Set to Automatic Selection

Only a few people know about the Automatic selection mode in the router. Set your router to auto mode, enabling the router to select the best suitable Wi-Fi channel for you. You could also try selecting the best Wi-Fi channel manually if your router does not support the automatic selection mode.


Many people (including me) would get stressed out for not getting a good internet speed, posting lousy feedback on the company’s website, and thinking of getting a new internet device. Sentimental, aren’t I? Nevertheless, with the help of a small reboot button, we can save time and money in a few minutes.

Changing The Location

Sometimes when our boss or colleague is sending us files to reevaluate or to work on, out of frustration, we can’t stop changing the wires of our device and restarting it, repeatedly, when the only problem is that corner of our house that does not support the internet feasibility. Do a little experiment with your router by changing its location.

Try setting it in an open area where the antenna can easily catch a connection. Because, well, maybe that tiny corner and our router are not just meant for each other? 

Securing Our Password

Setting a weak password for your Network will make it easier for hackers to detect it. Who knows when your neighbor’s kids started using your Internet? Hmm, no wonder my neighbor’s aunt got extra polite to me last month. If you’re unsure how to change your router’s password, visit this blog post.

Rearranging The Wires

When the router’s set up on the floor, it’s icing on the cake. Toddlers love playing with the wires. First, fix every wire through the wall. If you do not receive Internet, re-plug all cables into the router and restart.

Upgrading Router’s Software

There may be a case where the user has bought the router from the purchase. Since then, the device’s software has needed up-gradation. Hence, when one experiences a drop in their Internet speed.

I was switching it on/off Repetitively.

Machines, unlike humans, need to stay turned on almost all the time. When we frequently turn our devices off, saving the router’s machinery will negatively affect us. Machines are designed to work 24/7, so an interruption in its mechanism will provide desirable outcomes. 

Connecting a Massive Number of Devices

On the catalog provided by the specific internet company, it has been written that a certain number of users can use the device. Sometimes, when we invite guests or share our Network’s password with others, it shrinks our internet speed. Hence, cut off the unused and non-reliable person’s devices as soon as you can.

Change Router’s Antennas

Many routers have internal antennas, and antennas are prepared to send information perpendicularly. Thus, antennas need to be vertical if you want to send a signal horizontally. If you have a case where antennas have been considered outwardly, try adjusting their location before rebooting your device.


If your router is still in poor condition after all these fixes, try replacing your router’s antennas with a more powerful one. To increase the network area of the router, you could also try using a repeater, which supports the router to spread its signals widely in your home. You could also try updating the router, or getting a new router is also an option. But almost the problem will be with the position of the antenna and routers. So, fix your lazy routers and get back to work. So, try out these free fixes before considering buying a new router. 

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