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In-House vs Outsourced IT Support

Samantha Green

Key Advantages of In-House IT Support. Learn about In-House vs Outsourced IT Support. Read more…

Who you work with is one of the most significant decisions you will make in business and that resolution is especially critical in the matter of IT support. Data is the number one asset of your business in this Digital Age. The team that deals with the information of your company also plays a huge part in managing its future. If you are seeking to have a dedicated team of IT resource to preserve a productive work environment and to deploy, manage, and secure your solutions, then you are on the right track. Now the sole question left unanswered is: IT outsourcing or an in-house support team is better for your company?

Key Advantages of In-House IT Support

Immediate solution

Time is of the essence when a problem or disaster strikes. Whenever technical issues emerge, your in-house IT support team can immediately and directly respond. With a call to the extension or a simple pat on the shoulder, a staff member can quickly work on the matter. Prompt response times reduce downtime and rectify potential casualties prior to causing more damage.

Working knowledge of the IT needs and infrastructure

As an integrated part of the company’s salaried staff, the IT team knows every facet of the business. The team can recognize the employees and staff and their limitations. Additionally, they are invested in the success of the company hence the team will be driven to offer tailored solutions that function for individual needs and the overall objective of the company. 

More authority

When the IT team is under your management, you have more authority over the quality of work and response times. This also provides the guarantee that the team is competent in the specific IT solutions your business need. In-house employees offer the benefits of anticipated costs in terms of salary which remains the same regardless of the tasks that they work on.

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Key Advantages of Outsourced IT Support

Team of experts

Hiring and keeping up expert in-house staff is time-consuming and expensive considering how fast technology develops within a business environment and the evolving IT needs. Managed IT service providers proffer an expert team in every field of technology, from data management to cybersecurity and system administration. Outsourced IT support also has the technology partnerships and equipment required to modernize the infrastructure of your business which abstains the purchase of assets that will eventually be outdated in one or two years. Although IT services businesses such as, PCMsystems typically offer a wide range of services, it seems to be IT support which has become the main service requested following the global pandemic.

More cost-effective

Outsourcing allows you to maximize support and monitoring while minimizing the costs of your IT needs. Plus, you are effectively acquiring the leadership and guidance of a top IT officer at a great value. Unless you opt for all-inclusive service or support, the costs that you will only pay are for the specific services that you need. With these fixed costs, paying extra for addressing a data outrage or other issues after hours and for training is not needed. Another way to outsource these tasks is to hire the right people through an Employer of Record company able to hire talent wherever you want it. Saving time and costs along the processes. Without an entity needed.

24/7 coverage

The faster response of an in-house team is typically the case on a usual workday. A managed service company will offer you emergency services and 24/7 support so you can quickly get back online if you experience downtime after the standard work hours. You don’t have to pay extra and won’t be limited to holidays, nights, and weekends.

In general, small and mid-sized businesses fare better on technology support by contracting with a managed IT services company. This option proffers the company to gain expert IT support regarding various concerns without the need to employ a Full-time team or an IT staff. On the other hand, an in-house IT support team fits impeccably for large enterprises which consist of a larger quantity of employees and staff and complicated solutions and technology to support. The team also has the significant resources and patience to construct an internal group.

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Still, a one-size-fits-all solution on the subject of seeking the best IT support team for your company or business is unfeasible. A hybrid approach that comprises outsourcing specialized needs and employing an IT staff for routine tasks is ideal for many enterprises. Evaluate the strengths, resources, weaknesses, and needs of your business or company to identify what IT support team fits the organization bests.

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