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Best Pro Chromebook Tools in 2022

Samantha Green

Plenty of great free apps are available for Chromebooks, but what are the best ones to download? We have compiled our list of the best free apps for your new computer. This article will introduce some of these applications to make your life easier. In addition to the ones listed above, check out these apps for Android and iPhone. They will allow you to edit images and videos, annotate, and compress PDF files.


Among the best apps available for Chromebooks this year, Photopea Pro is one of the most advanced image editors on the market. With countless advanced features, this application lets you edit raster and vector graphics, and it works with a variety of file formats. The program is simple enough to use for beginners, and the website outlines each step in a step-by-step process. It works with sRGB and 8-bit color depths, making it compatible with a variety of file types.

Despite its web-based design, Photopea’s user interface is similar to that of Photoshop, with proper functions. While the app is not as intuitive as Adobe Photoshop, it is more than adequate for basic editing tasks. Photopea’s app even allows users to add text and objects to photos. It also supports the most common file formats, including JPEG and PNG. Photopea is free for users and offers many features, so it’s worth a look even if you’re just going to use it for casual editing.


PowerDirector is a great video editing tool for the Chromebook. The app allows you to edit videos in 4K resolution, and features multi-timelines and motion titles. You can even add music, emojis, filters, and effects to your videos. PowerDirector is also easy to use, with a clean, intuitive user interface. It’s also available for Android devices. You can also use various tools for email clients for Chromebook which will deliver your emails in time and provide notifications while working online.

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Another video editing tool is the Android app PowerDirector. This powerful video editor is based on the popular desktop version. The free version of PowerDirector is limited in its features, but you can upgrade to a paid version to unlock full features, including higher resolutions, more effects, and stock media assets. You must own a Chromebook that supports Android apps to use PowerDirector, however.


Until the release of Photoshop CC, there aren’t many professional Photoshop alternatives for Chromebooks. However, you can find some great alternatives, such as Polarr. Polarr is a powerful photo editing app that works with RAW image files from digital cameras. You can edit and retouch photos without sacrificing their quality and use filters to alter color settings and adjust contrast.

As for Pixlr, you can get a free version with limited stickers and overlays. It’s also ad-supported. But if you’d like to unlock all of the tools and remove the ads, you should opt for the paid version. Pixlr X has more advanced features, like collage layouts, one-click edits, and AI features.


If you’re a newbie at photo editing on your Chromebook, Snapseed can be a great help. The free photo editing app rivals Adobe Photoshop. Its user interface is clean and minimalist and has only a few options on the upper side of the screen. There are a variety of other useful tools, but Snapseed is the best choice for novices. There are 29 editing tools, including a crop tool.

Another useful photo editing tool for Chromebook users is Snapseed Pro. This application can be used to edit and enhance photos on the fly. It uses gestures to allow users to make adjustments, but it can also save their history and redirect to previous actions. It also has a filter combination option. This means that even amateur photographers can make excellent images on the fly. The free version of Snapseed is not the best option for the Chromebook, but it can help improve the quality of your photos.

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Adobe Lightroom

The best Chromebook tools for Photoshop, Lightroom, and other popular photo editing software include the ability to create catalogs and import images from different digital cameras. If you have a Mac, you can wait until the new version of Adobe Catalina is released before you make the switch to a Chromebook. Otherwise, you should consider the following options to improve your Lightroom experience. While these features are not necessary, they can make the experience a whole lot better.

First, make sure you have the right graphics card driver installed on your Chromebook. If it isn’t, you may experience repeated crashes in Lightroom. To resolve this, uncheck the box labeled Enable Graphics Processor and restart the program. If you continue to experience frequent crashes, you may want to consider purchasing a compatible GPU. Alternatively, you may be able to upgrade your entire computer, which will also save you time and effort.


One of the most exciting new tools for students using Chromebooks is Squid. Squid enables students to handwrite notes on the computer screen using a stylus, pen, or even their fingers. Students can also use Squid to scribble on PDFs and import images. The program also supports gestures, making it easy to add comments and annotations to a note. Squid also exports messages as PDFs or images to share with others.

Squid is a good alternative to the built-in notepad. Users can create handwritten notes and mark up papers with their stylus. Unlike other note apps, Squid saves notes in a vector format so that they don’t lose quality when zoomed in or out. The app also works with HDMI dongles and Chromecast. Squid is the best pro Chromebook tool in 2022

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