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How to Buy Active Instagram Followers in 2021

Soumik Datta

Work smart, not hard. But don’t be over smart. Sometimes over smartness can bring you a downfall. If you think nobody notices you and your approach to the goals, you are wrong my friend. Not getting what I am talking about? Let me tell you behind the scenes of social media fame. 

We all use social media platforms and do follow our favorite celebrities and influencers. Take Instagram’s example. We follow our friends, family, and favorite celebrities and brands.

October 6, 2010, a social media service website for photos and video sharing was launched that got popular in a very short time span. People got their hands on that platform and within a few days, there were hundreds of thousands of users on it. That popular platform was nonetheless, our favorite, Instagram. Today it has 1 billion active users and this is a massive number. From starting following friends, family, and celebrities, the Instagram family grew rapidly. Users who were comfortable with sharing their pictures publicly got more followers and this is how they became influencers. 

After that process, brands got their hands on Instagram and reached out to the users who were highly followed by the public. Following this process, the ‘influencer’ term got the attention of the public. I mean if my favorite celebrity is wearing a pair of Nike shoes that I like, I am definitely going to buy that. That’s what brands understood and influencers got benefited. But at the start, it was easy to influence people because people were getting used to the app and followed what others were doing. 

This is what we do our whole life, follow others. Don’t we? 

Nowadays, it is easy to get thousands of followers but difficult to actually influence them. Brands got a high advantage through influencers. But now the game is over. With the passage of time, people realized that you can make a handsome amount just by getting followers. All you need to do is to get followers and approach brands for PR. When this trend started, brands used to approach influencers and celebrities to use their products and aware the public. 

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Being a human, we always find shortcuts but we forget to understand that there is no shortcut to success. One has to work hard to become smart. 

How Instagram Followers Help You Grow?

Let me get this straight to you through an example. Do you follow Faiza Saleem? Do you follow her trends too? If yes, then this is what influencing is and what a follower does. A follower helps you grow a lot. The more followers you get more is the risk of your profile growth. For example, if I see a person with 30k followers, I will definitely follow him or her. If a person is popular and has a high audience, then it stimulates you to follow that person. It is obvious that popularity comes with a reason. If I am thinking to follow someone then millions of people will also be thinking to do the same. And the process goes on with growing followers. 

When a brand notices an account being followed by hundreds of followers, they approach the person for PR. The cycle goes on. The users keep following you, the brands keep approaching you, your Instagram followers keep growing. 

Buy People and Get Unpeopled

The heading is not just a rhyming word. It actually happens and people are ruining their social media fame by buying people. Have you ever come across an account that has thousands of followers but you barely found engaging content on that account? This is a cheap marketing strategy that brings fake followers with zero engagement on your account. If you see a user getting a rapid following, this is suspicious. Or you can say they are home-made followers. 

What if you are following a person who has a few hundred followers but posts engaging content. You follow this person because of your interest in the content but the goal of the content is to get viral. You see that account suddenly gets thousands of followers but the post engagement is still the same. It becomes obvious that those are fake followers. It actually affects people and they unfollow the account because of not being loyal. 

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Or sometimes it happens that people do not try for creativity. They apply inorganic marketing strategies. They try to bring an inorganic audience to their account. People think that showing off their profiles with followers in ‘k’ will bring them business. But this is not how it works. So basically buying cheap Instagram followers gets your rating down. 

How to Spy On Cheap Followers?

It has become very common to buy followers. Many influencers think that it brings them traffic and business. If you are a brand and want to spy on real and fake followers, you need to follow these steps. 

  • Check the engagement on the post

This is the easiest way to check if a person has fake followers or not. Just click on their posts and see how much likes they have got. If with 10k followers they have 25 likes, this is an inorganic audience. 

  • Check who are the followers

Click on the followers and see what kind of audience they have. If they are from foreign countries, they are definitely fake. Accounts that do not have profile pictures or any posts and followers and are fake as well. Such types of accounts are called bots. 

Check the number of likes and followers. Investigate whether there is any engagement from the foreign user or not. There must be no likes or comments. These are some of the tricks for spying on influencers. 

How to Get Active Instagram Followers Anyways? 

With all the descriptive information, let’s get to the main point. When you buy fake followers you do not appear on the explore page of Instagram. Neither you appear in the suggested user section nor through the brands. Instagram has started using algorithms for spying and banning such accounts who give and buy the fake following. 

By the way, ad sponsorship and advertisement is a better way to get active users. You select a certain area around you and pay a small amount for sponsoring your account. Rather than wasting hundreds of dollars on just a few fake followers, it is better to get yourself sponsored. You must have seen pages, brands, and accounts with a sponsored word on them. It comes out of nowhere. You click on the account and if it appeals to you, you start following them. This is an organic way of getting followers. Secondly, if you were planning to buy fake followers and still not convinced enough then go for someone who offers you to give details. So at least fake followers give comments and show some engagement on your posts. It is way better than buying cheap Instagram followers. 

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Moreover, make your content creative enough that people crave to follow you. Set new trends and make the world crazy! 

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