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4 Amazing Digital Solutions Both For Customers & Restaurant Businesses

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The pandemic has demonstrated that digital solutions offers are essential for the restaurant and hotel industry. Restaurant owners who were well equipped with free online ordering systems were able to react more quickly to the measures decreed by the government.

For example, thanks to their digital structure, they were able to turn in a very short time to a take-out or delivery service and sell vouchers online to generate a turnover essential to their survival. even during confinement. Digital solutions will continue to play a decisive role even with the reopening of the restaurant industry to secure the future of your own establishment.

But at what level exactly can digital solutions support you? And how can they help keep your business running smoothly during the current pandemic – that is, to comply with regulations and reduce contact where possible?

4 Astonishing Use of Digital Solutions

1. Before coming to the restaurant

  •  Automatic management of reservations thanks to online reservations 24/24 and 7/7
  •  Optimal capacity management
  •  Planning thanks to online pre-orders, integrated online payment possible
  • Always up-to-date information on opening hours, etc. thanks to the Google My Business interface
  •  NEW: receive table reservations directly via Google using the Reserve with Google service

What happens before customers come to you? Most customers get information online about the establishment in question in advance, mostly via the Google search engine. Just make sure that your customers always find the most current information there

2. Upon arrival at the restaurant

  •  Reminder notebook
  •  Scan the table reservation code to find the corresponding reservation quickly
  •  Digital graphical table plan for a capacity overview and real-time fill analysis
  •  Respect of the distances between tables and the maximum number of people per table

3. During the meal at the restaurant

  •  Online ordering without any contact for customers
  •  Digital card accessible on your customer’s smartphone
  •  Contactless and cashless payment options
  •  Digital receipt

Your staff has now seated your customer at their table. When ordering and paying, customers and staff are normally contacted repeatedly. Handling a printed menu and cash is an infection risk, which you can avoid with simple digital solutions.

4. As part of the service outside the restaurant

  •  Offer a take-out and delivery service
  •  Sale of vouchers online

Due to legal requirements that limit the capacity of restaurants and hotels and therefore also reduce turnover, these additional sources of income are essential to keep your establishment’s head above water.

Offer your customers to taste their favorite dishes at home! The ordering process is simple and fully digital. All they have to do is select the dishes and drinks from the online menu, choose the time of collection or delivery, pay directly online (via PayPal, for example), and enjoy!

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