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How Celebrity Endorsement Has Worked in Favour of Tata Play


Tata Play: Fun, Easy and Better. Read more..

Movie stars and sports players have always been the centre of attraction for common people. They influence the thoughts, actions and lifestyles of those who follow them. Brands leverage their influence to market their products and services and increase their customer reach. That way, their brand earns credibility among the target audience, and their sales subsequently rise.

Tata Sky rebranded itself to Tata Play on January 27, 2022 and, as part of its rebranding strategy, engaged with several Indian movie stars to promote the new brand identity. The rebranding came into being owing to the company’s vision to include all facets of modern entertainment in India on a common consumer-friendly platform. After being the most famous brand of DTH services, it now aims to earn the same reputation for its OTT services, which were introduced just two years ago.

Let’s now learn about the rebranding and the promotional strategies adopted by Tata Play.

Tata Play: Fun, Easy and Better

The new brand name is as simple as it can be but holds a lot of significance. The “Tata” part needs no particular explanation as we all know it represents the most trusted brand in India, Tata. The new word “Play” has been chosen to inject fun, youthfulness, vibrance and most importantly, ease and simplicity into the brand identity.

Often, brands fail to strike the right balance between technology and ease of use. Some use too much technology in their products and services to make them better, but they end up complicating things for their users. Others don’t incorporate the essential technical features and fail to live up to the expectations of their consumers.

However, Tata Play has leveraged technology precisely to make its services as easy and tech-smart as possible for its consumers. The new Tata Play Binge+, an android set top box for TV, features Google Voice Assistant, Bluetooth Connectivity, Chromecast built-in and more, making for ultimate ease of use and seamless entertainment experience for viewers.

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How Engaging with Movie Stars Is Working out for Tata Play Promotions?

Bollywood and its stars have always been a significant influence on the masses. Tata Play used this influence to promote its new brand identity across all touchpoints. For the Hindi speaking market, the brand chose the two phenomenal superstars, Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan. Owing to their huge fan following across India, the series of ads promoted on TV and social media platforms are working out well for Tata Play.

The playful and fun-filled ads are correctly reflecting the values of the new brand identity. In one of the ads, Saif can be seen telling Kareena that the brand’s rebranding to Tata Play is a huge historical moment, subtly undertoning the message that the brand has taken a significant step towards the future.

For the south market, Tata Play chose Madhavan and Priyamani, given their fame across the South Indian states. They have also featured in similar fun ads and are successfully promoting the new brand identity of Tata Play.

Closing Thoughts

Brand promotions are essential not only for Tata Play but also for consumers to have the correct knowledge of the new offers and services introduced by the brand.

If you still haven’t joined the Tata Play family, get a new DTH connection and become a valuable member of India’s most prominent content distribution network.

Tata Play | Tata Sky is now Tata Play | Feat. Saif & Kareena

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