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First Death in Nigeria by Monkeypox Virus


The first death in Nigeria this year by monkeypox has been recorded. So far nine people have been killed by the virus in Congo. What should you do? Read more…

The monkeypox virus has spread to 20 countries so far. Such an outbreak of the virus has not been seen for years. 465 cases of the disease have been confirmed so are in Congo. Dr. Aime Alongo, the chief of the Sankuru health division, said that the spread is increasing because of the daily consumption of rodents and monkeys.

“The residents enter the forest, pick up the corpses of monkeys, bats, and rodents which are the reservoirs of monkeypox,”

It is advisable to get isolated for about 15 to 20 days in case you have the symptoms of monkeypox.

The first death in Nigeria is disturbing the entire nation of the virus spread. The Nigeria Center for Disease Control and Prevention said that it has confirmed 21 out of 66 suspected cases of monkeypox.“The death was reported in a 40-year-old patient who had underlying co-morbidity and was on immunosuppressive medications,” the Nigeria CDC said.

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Netizen memers are also enjoying making funny memes

You can check how the spread is going at the moment on the image below:

monkeypox update
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