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Russia is Pushing Ukrainian Refugees to Flee – 1Million Refugees Flee for their Lives

1M refugees flee

Over 2% of the population of Ukraine has been forced out of the country and about one million refugees have fled the country by the 3rd of March and more is following.

Following the escalated attacks from Russia the civilians and refugees of Ukraine have no option but to be forced out of the country and flee to neighbouring countries for their lives. In Kharkiv you can see how the mass evacuation is taking place. The residents are running to escape falling ceilings and buildings because of the constant and surprise bombing.

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It is being said that there would be talks regarding a negotiation on Thursday, and this would be the second round of the face-to-face discussions. Let’s hope Putin has some mercy on the suffering neighbour and decided to agree on their terms.

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The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy called the citizens of his country to continue resisting. He hasn’t said anything on the 1M refugee flee situation but he did have some hearts for his Russian soldiers and said,

“They will have no peace here,” He told the soldiers to go home and said that they were only confused children who have been used in this war.

Not that the soldiers were going to listen to the president of Ukraine and disobey the command of their own president, it wasn’t clear if Zelenskyy’s kind words had any impact on them.

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