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Shooting in Downtown Chattanooga – Shooting Incidents Continue

mass shooting

At least six people were injured on Saturday after another shooting incident in the U.S. Read more…

While the police were patrolling an area in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee, they found multiple parties exchanging gunfire and people were fleeing the area.  At least six people were injured in the incident.

This was not a “copycat” shooting incident like the recent mass shooting incident at the elementary school in Texas or the incident in which an 18-year-old gunman fired away at civilians in a supermarket.

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The police said that two individuals from one group started firing upon the other group. All of the victims that were shot were not shot intentionally. The shooters were targeting each other.

The police have a suspect but nobody is in custody as of Sunday afternoon. Mayor Tim Kelly said,” I’m heartbroken for the families and victims whose lives were upended last night by gunfire,”

“If you know your kid has access to a firearm, you must intervene before someone, perhaps even your own child, ends up dead,” he said.

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