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WiKiFEEDz Interviews Nutritionist Srishti Arora

Srishti Arora

Srishti Arora is one of Delhi’s leading food and nutrition expert. She is also one of Delhi’s most followed Nutritionists. Srishti is a recognized speaker on health and wellness in the National Capital Region and in 2016 she had launched her independent venture Nutrivarcity Institute(online) and Nutrivarcity Health Association.

Let’s Start with the First Question

WiKiFEEDz– Tell us a little about your daily meal routine.

Srishti Arora – Balanced Diet is very Important I personally believe in a diet consisting of a variety of different types of food and providing adequate amounts of the nutrients necessary for good health. I start my day with Alovera + amla and Hot Water, Add my Breakfast with juice and poha, upma or  daliya (mixed with full of veggis) before  lunch a bowl of salad , lunch is with curd or dal and chapati evening we add value without eating bakery products Tea with Chana Mururua Traditional yet Healthy  dinner is always lighter kichadi or daliya. Before Sleeping takes haldi Milk

WiKiFEEDz– Tell us about Nutrivarcity

Srishti Arora – A Nutrivarcity was launched in 2016 with a mission to educate, learn, and grow in we provide food & nutrition certificate and diploma course. Nutrivarcity Education Program is designed for Kitchen Management, community and child care nutrition program. Our mission is to make maximum number of people to be healthier and in their home without depending on medicine. The eligibility is 10+ with No age limit or percentage criteria with affordable prices. Our programs are from 1 day workshops (for kids and adults both) to 1 year professional courses available online.   

We also have Nutrivarcity health Association its  an association to work together with innovative ideas and with mutual resources as a team. The association always welcome to implement the fruitful creativity and logical ideas suggested by members. The largest Health Association. We have a combined membership of over 2000 dedicated Nutritionists, Dieticians Ayurvedacharyas, Yoga Practitioners, and Various Volunteer Health Care Professionals. Association is especially concerned with Nutrition, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Herbs, Botanicals, Yoga, Healing Therapies, and Natural Medicines. The Association’s mission is to bring about a paradigm change in the lives of those who are underprivileged. We believe that individuals are dedicated to the Association and hence have a reciprocal obligation to make sincere efforts for building a more equitable Association where equal opportunities would be available for all to live with dignity.  Associates strive to be an example and hold a vision of wellness for our society: caring for, inspiring, and educating all aspects of human lives as they relate to holistic health.

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WiKiFEEDzPlease give our readers some important tips to keep fit.

Srishti Arora – A Leading a healthier life is all about basics eating local sleeping 8 hrs and physical activity, It dose require fancy fad diets, fasting or too much of supplements. Many of us Google Diets or weight loss programs and invite lifestyle disorders or Nutrient deficiency. I personally recommend to visit expert or learn from professionals for healthy life.

WiKiFEEDzAre you a supporter of Ayurveda and Yoga?

Srishti Arora – A of course Yes !! As a nutritionist, I come across various kinds of literature on nutrition, varied dietary patterns, eating behaviours, lifestyle modifications etc. Reflecting back, I conclude that most of this knowledge we already know, it’s been passed onto us from our mothers and grandmothers…it’s in our system but we’ve lost the thread somewhere!

We come from the land of Ayurveda, from the land of Krishna. Developed centuries ago, his knowledge as passed on in the Bhagavad Gita remains true even today.

To quote, “Yukaharaviharasya yuktachestasya karmasu. Yuktasvapnavabodhasya yoga bhavati duhkhaha”. (Bhagavad Gita chapter 6 shloka 17).

It means “the one, whose diet and movements are balanced, whose actions are proper., whose hours of sleeping and waking up are regular, and who follows the path of meditation, is the destroyer of pain or unhappiness.” 

Thus, if you read carefully, the Bhagavad Gita clearly explains how we can optimize our health and wellbeing through eating right, balanced sleep and exercise.

We are what we eating – the importance of eating right:

The origins of this sage advice comes from ancient traditions which guided us on how to harmonize ourselves with the Greater Universe that exists within and around us.

As Krishna says in The Bhagavad-Gita 17 Chapter 8–10 Verse.

I personally practice bhakti yoga and Ayurveda and highly recommend to my audience.

WiKiFEEDz– Tell us about your journey with Organization Nutrivarcity Systems.

Srishti Arora – A Nutrivarcity Means Nutrition+ University. Nutrivarcity was launched in 2016 The journey of our organization was very motivating and admiring because by Nutrivarcity Health Talk shows, workshops, seminars and health camps for kids to adult changed and modified lifestyle happily continued to be healthy.

The system of nutrivarcity is to educate kids from the age of 7 years to adult we educate Nutrition  and food science to adopt lifestyle towards good health. As I personally believe education starts from play way itself as active or education as professional.

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WiKiFEEDz– Are you a feminist? What are your thoughts on feminism?

Srishti Arora – In today’s Era the meaning of feminism it to at its core is about equality of men and women Certainly I believe it’s should not be about gender equality its about ability to perform professional or personally to survive well in life A women should be educated and continue working.

WiKiFEEDz– What advice do you have for the young and enthusiastic budding entrepreneurs of India.

Srishti Arora – “Always deliver more than expected.”

WiKiFEEDz– How difficult do you feel it is for a woman to make a place for herself in today’s world. What have you learned from your own experience?

Srishti Arora – It’s time taking journey to enjoy fruit of action. Women in today’s world can make difference only when she believes she can. Experience I gained in past few years is to wait for result and to work hard.

WiKiFEEDz– Now a little about yourself. What are your hobbies and how do you manage to take out time for them?

Srishti Arora – I am Dietitian Srishti Arora born and brought up in Delhi. Education I am masters in food and nutrition, with various institutional courses in Therapies and cosmetics.  Professionally I am working since 2008 with various MNC and MLM as Trainer/ Speaker.  I love spending time with family and connects with kids activity programs once in week manage to work 1 hr for schools in Nutrition activity program for Free.

WiKiFEEDz– Lastly, how did you find this interview and what would you like to say to your readers?

Srishti Arora – Its Pleasure sharing platform and interview is well designed for audience, I would like to thank Wikifeedz for giving us platform to share.

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