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Wikifeedz List of 9 Best Dining Places in New York

Pramit Mitra

Hey, New Yorkers and all those who are soon to travel to the city. Among the towering skyline and the bustling lifestyle, it is also a place of assorted cuisines from all over the world. With more than 8 million people spread across more than 250 neighborhoods, this city is truly a melting pot that brings for some really amazing variety of food.

In addition to mom and pop shops that serve a myriad of dishes, there is also a fine dining restaurant from local and international brands. From old school chophouses or influential pizzerias, today I am going to bring you through the New York City culinary scenes so that you get a little taste of what the city is really like.

Let’s begin our tour on my own summarised favorites.

I can’t start the list without telling about the dish which is so iconic that it has become synonymous with the city itself. Pizza.

Di Fara

First up is a place called Di Fara. Telling it a bit out of the way is just putting it very lightly. Take the Q train halfway to the Coney Island and get off at Avenue J Brooklyn and you end up at the farm. The ambiance at the place may be very simple, but it serves one of the finest pizza in town. The owner of this place has been making pizza for over 50 years and it surely shows. It comes in two different shapes for your pizza- Rectangle and the classic circle. Take a greasy cheesy proportion with a generous amount of fresh basils all over it. This is a classic old school food joint which is sure to impress you. Some other good ones are Motorino Pizza, Roberta Pizza, and Artichoke Basille’s Pizza.

Morimoto Restaurant

The restaurant is the spot to go for modern Japanese cooking. Its mouth-watering menu melts eastern tradition with modern western innovation. Morimoto offers a unique sunset dinner course with a variety of sushi and their own sake brand to blow you away with. The restaurant is surely premium but it is not as expensive as it seems. The cruise takes off from Chelsea Piers on the Classic Harbor Line and Schooner America 2.0 boats. It is offered every Monday, from June to September.

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Chelsea Market

It wouldn’t be fair to talk about New York food without talking about Chelsea Market. They have literally every type of food you can imagine, from pastries, sushi, tacos to bread stores and Italian foods. But the best place is probably Los Tacos Numero Uno which is one of the highest-rated restaurants in the city. This place doesn’t even have seating but the food speaks for itself. A great place to have Mexican food and this is also very inexpensive.

Absolute Bagel

One of the favorite breakfast around this part of the world is Bagel. One of my top spots for Bagels is the Absolute Bagel on 117 Broadway Street which in my humble opinion has heavenly stuff. The Onion bagel with Salmon and Chive cream cheese bagel is my personal favorite at this place. Absolute Bagels and Murray’s Bagels are both great choices for iconic NYC bagels.

Eleven Madison Park

At Eleven Madison Park, you can have upscale American tasting menus in a high ceiling art decor space. This place has been rated number one out of 50 best restaurants in the world in 2017 and you must check it out if you want to get the best of New York’s culinary scene. The place is owned by chef Daniel Humm and William Guidara. Today the restaurant offers an eight to ten-course menu in the main dining room. Its views overlook one of the most beautiful parks in Manhattan, Madison Square Park. And this is one you are going to need to throw your budget out of the window for meals can easily go over 200 dollars per person but this is one place you can’t afford to miss.

Xi’an’s Famous Foods

Next up in the list is some Chinese attraction which goes by the name of Xi’an’s Famous Foods. This place has got several outlets all over the city and you can just pick the one nearest to you. Indulge in one of the best noodles that you can have in the city. They hand-pull the noodles according to order and I can’t even start to explain how delectable they are. My personal favorite is n1, a plate of spicy cumin lamb noodles and n9, the slightly sweet pork noodles. Also, the stewed pork and spicy cumin lamb burger are very popular at this place.

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Totto Ramen

Another famous Asian place is Totto Ramen. This adds to the list of Japanese cuisine in the list. But for a very different specialty. A little basement hideaway which uses chicken broth over pork broth which most other Ramen joints use. There is a burst of aroma and flavors in the mouth with a perfect amount of protein and noodles.


The Cannibal is the meatiest option out of all of the above on the list. From homemade sausages to an array of different hams and bacon this place has it all. It has one of my favorite dishes all over the States. The Lamb Heart Tartare. The ambiance is good too with a covered garden and the craft beer and cider list are more than impressive.


Wildair is another one of the most perfect dining places in New York. Everything here is nothing short of spectacular but a few dishes certainly deserve special mention. It’s the fried squid with lemons and squid ink and the clams were extraordinary too. Come here and thank me later.

So here are a few of the places that caught my attention across New York. But still, there are always many new places coming up for this list to get updated every once in a while.

Pramit Mitra

I am Pramit Mitra, a doctor-to-be with a creative instinct and a tenacious spirit. A connoisseur of taste, a part-time food blogger with tremendous curiosity and appetite for new and unknown cuisines. I love to express myself through writing. I'm always in search of new ideas to enact and new avenues to explore.

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