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How to Prepare Delicious Healthy Plov? 5 Tips

Malcolm Cano

1. Instant Meal – Healthy Plov:

 You can prepare plov while being engaged in any other activity since it is an easy instant meal. For a chicken plov recipe, all you will have to do is:

  • Prepare the chicken with spices, load the cooker with rice, the prepared chicken, finely chopped vegetables like carrot, bell peppers, and onion, and finally the desired amount of water.
  • Then cover the cooker with its lid. According to traditional plov recipe, it cooks faster in a pressure cooker, put the cooker over the oven to cook.
  • Go about your other activities till the house starts smelling of delicious plov, remove the lid, and your hot chicken plov is ready to serve.  

2. Kinds of Plov Recipe:

There are different kinds of plov recipes. The most famous among them are Uzbek plov recipe, Azerbaijan plov recipe, and Turkish plov recipe. Though plov is traditionally a non-English dish, the plov recipe in English is available in detail on several websites.
The basics of all healthy plov dishes are the same traditionally. The things that vary are the meat used, and the types and quantity of spices used. Due to this minor difference, different plov dishes taste quite different from each other.

3. Preparation of the Chicken:

For a chicken plov recipe, the thighs and the breasts of a chicken are recommended to be used. The chicken should be boneless and finely pieced into medium-sized pieces.

  • Take these pieces of chicken and fry them in a pan. Wait for the oil to get heated to high temperature, add the chicken followed by pepper, salt, and any other desired spices.
  • Wait until the chicken turns golden brown before removing from the oil.
  • Keep the fried chicken in a bowl. You will not need the chicken for a vegetarian plov recipe.

4. Preparation of Vegetables:

You will need finely chopped or ground vegetables for a plov recipe.

  • Start with ground onions, put them in the pan, and add a seasoning of salt, black pepper, cumin, and any other combination of spices you want.
  • Keep cooking till the onions turn brown.
  • Now add the other vegetables like ground carrot, bell pepper, chili, and other vegetables if you want, then add the seasoning of salt, black pepper, and other spices you want, and cook for five to seven minutes top.
  • Now we have well-cooked veggies ready along with the chicken.
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5. Preparation of Rice:

Choose rice of long or medium grain for this preparation, as short-grained rice will clump up together in the pressure cooker ruining the dish. Half boil the rice in a plov recipe slow cooker.
Now add the rice along with the vegetables into a pressure cooker and cook, combine the rice till it becomes well uniformly mixed with vegetables.
Then keep cooking for a few minutes, add the prepared chicken to the pressure cooker and cook and combine to mix the chicken with the vegetable combined rice.

  • Keep cooking for a few minutes and then add the required amount of water in the cooker.
  • Cover up the lid of the pressure cooker and leave it over the oven at a medium flame.
  • Wait until the smell of plov fills the house, then remove the cooker from the oven, and open the lid. Your plov is ready to serve.


Different kinds of healthy plov recipes are found all over the world in different countries. It was the favorite regular food of the royal families during the time of kings and queens.
They enjoyed plov for its excellent taste and short preparation time. Now with the help of the article, you will be able to do the same.
If you have any other tips for plov preparation, do let us know in the comments. Thanks for reading!

Malcolm Cano

Malcolm Cano has been writing all about Food & Kitchen related topics for 2 years. As a dad, he really appreciates making parenting easier with his tips. Also, he had a lot of home improvement ideas to share. Malcolm specializes in plant-based diets. Besides nutrition, Malcolm is also a physical exercise enthusiast who believes that diet and exercise go hand in hand for a healthy body and mind.

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