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Most excellent Food Delivery Websites: Use Zomato Coupons To Get Discount On Your Order

Sujan Singh

The comfort of ordering online has brought about a spurt in the growth of food delivery websites. Many websites work like programs for buyers to browse different restaurants and cafes and order their next meal. 

Since the world has developed a lot of ordering food online is super easy. You crave some yummiest food, and it is on your doorsteps. You can order food from Faasos and use the Faasos Coupon Code Today to get a discount and cashback on your order.

There are big brands of restaurants, and even small eateries have started an online business for many reasons. As of now, ordering food is so comfortable and effortless that we all tend to order it online instead of going out. 

If you have a party at home or a regular get-together, the easy way to enjoy it is to order food. Now, many online websites allow you to order some delicious food. You can order all kinds of cuisine like Pizza, Burger, Pasta, South Indian, North Indian, rolls, and much more. 

Here below, we have mentioned some of the Websites from which you can order your food and enjoy it at your home.

Food Delivery Apps For Delicious Food!

Do not stop your craving as here we have mentioned some of the food delivery apps which lets you order anything and everything at some fantastic prices. You can also use the Zomato to get discounts.


The first food delivery app to clean the whole country with its then-exclusive help, Zomato isn’t particular to India anymore. It helps too many other nations as well, including Canada. 

Buyers can obtain all the knowledge they need about a restaurant originating from ratings, prices, reviews, browsed menus, timings, and much more. Zomato is one of the most extensive food aggregators in the business. Originated in Delhi and now existing in 24 countries, Zomato continues to deliver more pleasant food for more personalities. 

The app provides a variety of programs for foodies to order the food they prefer the method they like. Cleanliness and quality measures are kept high by the app. Both iOS and Android variants are possible in-app markets. The user can take from a diversity of eateries and foods to meet their wish anytime.

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Zomato also reviews restaurants, and you can check out real client reviews to know if it’s a place worth going to. If you are looking for some discount on your purchase of delicious food, then you can use the Zomato discount offers, which are available online for you.


Motivated by the idea to deliver food to the whole of India with no limitations on the minimum order and tie-ups with various local restaurants, Swiggy is one of the most successful food delivery apps in India, with over 1M+ downloads on Google Play Store alone.

Having its delivery workers racing to assure the customers get their food fresh, Swiggy focuses on timely deliveries.

They have lately taken over the Mumbai-based food delivery app Scootsy to improve their area and the number of eateries with tie-ups.

Swiggy is the best-in-class food order app today. With interactive UI/UX and an easy call to go, Swiggy is growing in demand among all age gatherings. The fast delivery, live order tracking, and the event that there is no minimum order have made swiggy a preference among the working-class millennials. 

Also, it is known that Swiggy is pleasant in almost all major cities. The offers and discounts the app gives and the number of restaurants to pick from are other circumstances making swiggy successful. Swiggy can be downloaded from the play store, and both iOS and Android alternatives are available for a security. 

Multiple amount methods, including COD and online pay accepting debit and credit cards, are linked to user preference. The thought the creators have put into improving the app is much welcomed as it helps the confidence well. 


Faasos was founded by Kallol Banerjee and Jaydeep Barman, who came up with the concept of Faasos back in 2011. It is one of the most famous food ordering apps in Bangalore and other major cities in the country, including Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Pune, and more.

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These online food delivery apps let you enjoy your meals of various foods like Rolls, Momos, Biryani, and much more.

What sets Faasos special is that it provides its users to customize their order in different ways. Even though it hasn’t yet shown to be a massive hit throughout the nation, it does have its part of its loyal buyers who swear by Faasos. 

Faasos survives to answer the most asked issue of the era. What’s for food? With a wide range of eateries, Faasos encourages its users to eat well and eat interesting food. Faasos is possible in all major cities, accepting a kind of treat for foodies all over. Faasos has a premium version called a bolt, in which if the order is not given within 30 minutes, the order is free. The app also provides different offers and discounts, and various payment alternatives. 

Uber Eats

The most widespread global on-demand taxi service app, Uber, has now started delivering food to people’s doorsteps, and in a quick span since its launch, it has earned a lot of momentum. The food delivery app currently operates in all the major cities in India, including Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, etc.

When the cab giant needed to take a look into the food delivery service, UberEats was made. As mentioned earlier, the app lets you seek meals – kind, place, or eatery wise. Booking food is made simple through three simple steps. Browse, Order, and Track. UberEats also offers live order tracking and various payment choices for the users. 

Contacting the delivery agent is also likely with this app. E-commerce apps have gained a more reliable stand today, so have the food delivery apps. The benefit of this app encouraged many food delivery apps like Uber eats to enter the business.


Box8 is one of India’s unusual online food ordering apps as it assists no other major app. Through Box8, the buyers can settle their food desires, particularly longings for desi food. 

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Established by two IIT grads in 2012 when it initially began as a small outlet in a corporate hub, Box8 is now rated as one of India’s fastest-growing food delivery apps. They determine their business plan to be desi flavor, logistics, and tech.

Currently, Box8 is one of the usually used food ordering apps in Delhi as it provides the young corporate culture of Gurgaon and Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore. From paratha to steaks, cakes to biryani, you can get it all on Box8.

Pizza Hut Delivery

The Pizza Hut food delivery app is a successful pizza delivery app in India, which delivers food from your most neighboring Pizza Hut outlets. Buyers can order not only pizzas but also pasta, desserts, beverages, etc. 

The speedy delivery makes it a promising option for food delivery amongst the urban foodies. It gives you super-fast access, local deals and offers a unique feature that makes it stand out amongst its competitors in the food delivery business.


Travelkhana is another organization that gives fresh food to Indian railway travelers. They assure to present clean and hygienically cooked food at affordable prices. 

You can pick from India, continental, Jain Thali, South, or North Indian items and get it passed right at your seat.

Behrouz Biryani

Behrouz Biryani demands to bring back the hidden ingredients of biryani that was lost long ago in Persia. You can order various types of biryani online along with other Mughlai foods like kebabs and Shirin. The service is accessible in 15 Indian cities over 160 places.


Railrestro is an approved company designated by IRCTC E-Catering services. Travelers of Indian Railways can use the app to get their wanted food things delivered to their seats. You can both pay online or avail cash on delivery for your requested items.

These are excellent Food Delivery apps, which you can download from your iOS or Android smartphones. Now, ordering food is easy, and you can get delicious food delivered to your home in just a few minutes.

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