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The Top 15 Trendiest Shoes For Women In 2021

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All stylish women need a good pair of shoes to face every season. Even if the outfit is simple, heels or boots give us a lot of elegance to our appearance. This season, shoe trends are daring and fun. Based on what we could see on the catwalk, the designers have proposed a wide variety of designs in their latest collections. What are you waiting for? Check out the biggest and trendiest selection of women’s shoes at Boden. But, before you place your order online, use ourBoden discount code.For a crazy discount offer, click on theBoden discount code 20.

Note the 15 most notable trends in footwear for 2021

Every season fashion is changing and innovating with new styles. It does not only happen in clothes but also in accessories, hairstyles, makeup, etc. This year, it will bring us a lot of shine in shoes, boots, and ankle boots, mainly through sparkling stones. Also, take advantage of our amazon promotional code.  

  1. Glitter ornaments 

Big, bright, and eye-catching details are one of the biggest shoe trends. These details can turn ordinary shoes into something truly remarkable. Don’t avoid overly shiny decorations or oversized gold buckles. The brighter, the better. 

  1. Chains 

Chunky chains were a big trend. A shiny gold or silver chain can add just the right amount of sparkle to any shoe – high heels, low heels, or boots. Order now. Use the Boden code.  

  1. Bows 

Whether perfectly symmetrical or a little crooked, these cute details grace a host of shoe collections this season. One style brought together all the bows we saw on the runways – they were big, bold, and dramatic. Are you excited to shop? Do not skip this Boden voucher code.  

  1. Fringes and stone straps 

Rhinestones and sparkly accents along the straps or fringe are other options. Designers love to adorn their shoe collections every season. Frames of rhinestones embellished simple stilettos. Place your order now. Enjoy a Boden free delivery code here.  

  1. Straps with buckles 
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Shoes with stilettos and ankle boots, the buckles have a significant presence. Buckles and snaps add character and a kind of industrial-functional appeal to shoe trends. They complement an outfit discreetly. Buckles lend an old cowboy feel when paired with sand-coloured leather but can also have a futuristic look when trimmed with silver and gold. Buckles and closures adorn all types of shoes, from heels, ankle boots, and strappy sandals. Tin, gold, and wood coloured metals were the standout materials. 

  1. Ruching 

Ruching is all the rage for fall and winter. We love the fine details that add an edge to your average strappy heels. It’s a bit bolder and, frankly, more fun than a typical heel. This year, it’s all about shirring your shoes. We bet you will love our Boden promo code. 

  1. Single heel strap 

This version features a thin strap that goes over the heel and disconnects from the toe box. So minimalist and elegant, right? 

  1. Super thin black straps 

The nude sandal returns. This time in a black. Pair it with cute transparent socks for added protection. The crisscross laces have become the focal point of many shoes. Delicate and feminine, they give the shoes delicate ornamentation. Stronger laces add an attractive contrast to conservative styles. Thicker laces give ankle boots and sneakers an edgy dimension, while thin, multi-coloured laces bring out the cheeky side of a stiletto. Traditional athletic laces provide the heels an urban, hip-hop look. 

  1. Fur shoes 

If you are one who lives in their slippers, you will be happy to know that slippers-inspired fur shoes are trending. Your toes are sure to be warmer in these furry shoes as you roam the office. Bring your home’s cozy indoor vibes everywhere. We have a fantastic discount on the Boden voucher for you. 

  1. Powerful platforms 

The sixties and eighties have their presence in the 2020 collections. The platform has it all: glamour, boldness, confidence, and the benefit of a few extra inches. Like spring and summer, platform shoes are trending for fall and winter. You are never too tall to wear a classy heel. 

  1. Brogues 
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This style is not just for men. Whether they are metallic, embossed with a crocodile, or with a heelless design, they make any look that much more polished and sophisticated. 

  1. Floral boots 

Flowers signify warmth and femininity. The luxurious brocade floral motifs in deep burgundy and crimson tones offer great appeal. While the spring flowers are delicate and feminine, the flowers are more modest and discreet.  Choose bold solid tones, primary and secondary colours, like the military green. These styles of boots endure in fashion, and it’s easy to see why. They are very striking and of great sensual appeal. They can be used for various occasions and will always make you look elegant. There are a wide variety of colours and styles to choose from. Enjoy extra savings with the Boden discount code. 

  1. Over the knee boots 

One of the most prevalent boot trends on the catwalks from New York to Paris was undoubtedly over-the-knee boots. Whether ultra-fitted or slightly looser, they come in all colours, fabrics, and prints. There is something for everyone. It is an entirely timeless accessory. The over the knee boots can be seen in patent leather and lacquered synthetic leather, in varied colours such as light blue to rich burgundy. They do not have to be standard black or brown to look pretty and sophisticated. Save more with Boden code.  

  1. Neon colors 

Neon fans can rejoice. Neon shoes are a trending piece, so you can still wear the boots in these flashy colours from last season. Pair your neon shoes with a neutral outfit, or go full neon. Either way, you’ll be ready for your Instagram close-up. 

  1. Moccasins  

It looks like the moccasin is back. We can still remember its popularity at least ten years ago, and it seems like we are back. You will see unexpected versions of the classic loafer, such as animal skin prints or bold and beautiful colours. If this trend returns, let’s at least have a little fun. Click on our incredible voucher codes. 

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