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A Solo Tripper’s Guide to Igatpuri

Samantha Green

Solo Tripper’s Guide to Igatpuri | Top places to visit in Igatpuri | Read all about Igatpuri right here. Let me be your travel guide.

Igatpuri is rich in the natural beauty that has largely escaped human influence. Farmers and livestock herders, who are more knowledgeable about the region’s gorgeous and breath-taking terrains, abound in the settlements. But, in addition to these naturally carved adventure portals, you will notice a lot of historical themes. Igatpuri will surely give you the chills once you step onto the turf of these must-see spots, especially in the foggy environment of the monsoons.

Top places to visit in Igatpuri

Vaitarna lake

During my first solo trip, I covered Vaitarna lake and was amazed by the massive lake nestled in the heart of mountain ranges from the entry pedestal. The Vaitarna Lake is a freshwater lake that provides water to local communities and Mumbai. It was a good, long break from the chaos and rush of the city. The atmosphere is serene, quiet, and calming. The surrounding flora heightens the senses and provides a fragrance of sweet nothings to savor. If you visit Igatpuri, you must stop by this beautiful spot.

Tringalwadi Fort

The Tringalwadi Fort holds a special place in my heart because it was here that I took my first trek. The climb is challenging during the monsoons, and beginner trekkers are encouraged to join a group. There are 10th-century caverns embellished with Rishabhanatha’s beautifully carved sculptures on the fort’s slopes. The picture of the Tringalwadi lake lying below, and the Tringalwadi village along its banks, is sure to fascinate you at the highest point of the mountain on which the fort lies, which has an elevation of 3,000 ft.


When I enter the area housing this exquisite temple, I sense the spirituality oozing out of this cultural epicenter, another prominent spot in Igatpuri. The temple is located on the outskirts of Igatpuri, right after crossing the Camel Valley. After hiking, I enjoyed a few tranquil moments by myself near the Tringalwadi fort. Ghatandevi, the goddess of the ghats, is worshiped here, and she watches over the Sahyadri mountain ranges in the area. She is sculpted in polished white marble and is a well-known deity. Villagers and locals pay their respects to her and ask for her blessings on the natural beauty bestowed upon Igatpuri.

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The Five Waterfalls

This location, also known as the Igatpuri Waterfalls, is close to the Ghatandevi temple and is well-known for taking people’s breath away during the rainy season. It is a group of five roaring waterfalls that cascade majestically, creating a mystical yet delightfully joyful mood for people who ride to the waterfalls. The Igatpuri waterfalls, which are adjacent to the railway line, offer to be the perfect end to your Igatpuri weekend adventures.

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