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Famous YouTuber Noel Miller Engaged to Girlfriend Aleena

neol aleena engaged

YouTuber, actor, director Noel Miller is finally engaged to his long-time girlfriend Aleena. Fans are thrilled and can’t stop talking about the matter.

Miller suddenly announced it on a show as he introduced Aleena saying, “This is Aleena, this is my fiancee.” and it took the crowd by shock.

This is the very first time ALEENA is trending on Twitter. The reason being the surprise engagement announcement by Noel.


Here’s a giant compilation video of the Neol Aleena best moments:

And here’s a popular Noel and Aleena join a Gang video that you cannot miss.

When he met Aleena, he told her that she was going to break up with her boyfriend of 6 years. They became friends but they were already getting to know each other well. Noel was certainly interested in her, but he told her that he would wait for her to break up with her guy, he told her that he would be waiting for her and told her to come to him after they broke up.

Noel has a very interesting theory about how men should treat women. He says you mustn’t treat them as a lower species or be nervous around them. He says, women feel alot of things, and men don’t feel as many things as men, and women hate pressure but love confident men.

Noel and Aleena’s first date was not quite good. Aleena was trying her best to change her diet and was pretty confused about things that were going on in her life, and Noel tried to participate in her life actively. Gradually they built strong chemistry, they began to have a good time and now they are engaged.

Here’s a fan’s tweet:

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