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Top Paid Actors In The World.

Pramit Mitra

People love to see movies, tv-series, web series, drama and all; because all of these things entertain us during our hectic lifestyle. Nowadays there is no personal time, no family time; no time for thinking about what you have done today, what makes you happy or sad, what you will have to change tomorrow, what makes your personality more shaped and better and specifically no time for self-analysis which is most important in our life. We are running behind a mechanically rigid life.

Everything in human beings is being artificial, nothing is from the mind. They are trying to find their happiness in very small things. One of those things is a movie or series. It has both good and bad sides, you have to choose on your own. Movies show us so many sides of the world from different angles. We would know the different sides of a specific human character. Those actors and actresses draw the actual character or scenario in front of us. They are very talented; when they act, it looks like they are in those characters because they love to act.

We can relate our lifestyles, our personal problems, our personalities through their acting. People can also find themselves, reveal themselves by their movies as well as acting. They are also paid a great amount for their outstanding performance. We are also interested in their lifestyles, their salaries and all. So now I’m going to deliver some interesting facts about the highest-paid actors and actresses in the world. You will be shocked after knowing about this.

About the richest actors in the world

Here are the highest-paid actors in the world according to the Forbes annual list of 2019. The highest-paid actor in the world is Dwayne Johnson. He is currently on the big screen because of the renowned film series “FAST AND FURIOUS”. Johnson has earned $ 89.4 million between 2018 and 2019. According to the history of Forbes celebrity, 100 list Dwayne Douglas is the most someone who had made primarily $124 million from June 2017 and June 2018. He gets 15% of the box office from his franchise movies and got $23.5 million for “JUMANJI: THE NEXT LEVEL”. This actor has paid $700000 for an episode of HBO’s “BALLERS”. Forbes said this Canadian actor from his under Armour deal makes seven figures. Previous year George Clooney topped as the highest-paid actor with $239 Million because of his tequila company and Casamigos.

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The second-highest-paid actor in the world, according to Forbes is Chris Hemsworth with $76.4 million. Most of his earnings came for his role as THOR in “AVENGER: INFINITY WAR” and “AVENGER: ENDGAME”. Later Hemsworth is also paid for “ MEN IN BLACK: INTERNATIONAL”.

A famous character of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is The Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr. Played the role. He has earned $75 million totally, where $55 million is 8% of box office income; according to Forbes.

In the highest-paid actor’s list, Akshay Kumar has taken the 4th place in the world with $65 million. Currently, this Bollywood actor is on a big screen, for “MISSION MANGAL”. He has earned $14 million or 1 billion Indian rupees from the Indian box office.

Jackie Chan takes the 5th place in the list with $58 million. His current movies are “THE KING OF SHADOWS: BETWEEN YIN AND YANG” as well as “JOURNEY TO CHINA: MYSTERY OF THE IRON MASK”.

Other characters of Marvel Universe are Chris Evans(Captain America), Paul Rudd( Ant-Man) and Bradley Cooper(Rocket’s voice). They are also included in Forbes 2019 annual list. Adam Sandler also cracked the top ten list for his deal with Netflix for multiple movies. “Murder mysteries one of those movie deals.

According to Forbes, the Top Paid Actors in the world    list is given here:

  • Jim Papersons with $26.5 million from BIG BANG THEORY
  • Johnny Galecki with $25 million from BIG BANG THEORY
  • (tie) Simon Helberg and (tie) Kunal Nayyar both with $23.5 million from BIG BANG THEORY
  • Mark Harmon with $19 million from NCIS
  • Ed O’Neill with $14 million from MODERN FAMILY
  • Eric Stonestreet with $ 13.5 million from MODERN FAMILY
  • Jesse Tyler Ferguson with $13 million from MODERN FAMILY
  • Ty Burrell with $12.5 million from MODERN FAMILY
  • Andrew Lincoln with $11 million from THE WALKING DEAD.
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About the riches actresses in the world

 According to Forbes Jessica Alba is the richest actress in the world at $350 million. She started her career at 13 years old, but she became famous at 19 years old after playing a role in “DARK ANGEL”. Nowadays Jessica is known for playing roles in “VALENTINE’S DAY”, “GOOD LUCK CHUCK”, and “FANTASTIC TOUR” and it’s a sequel. As a successful entrepreneur, she founded a baby and household products selling company.

The Olsen twins – Mary Kate and Ashley are the second-highest paid actresses in the world with $300 million. They started their career from childhood. Now they are taking a break from the film industry for concentration on their new career fashion designing.

Mia Wasikowska started her career by playing a role in a popular Australian television series “ALL SAINTS” in 2004. She has taken 3rd position in the highest-paid actresses list with $275 million. Later she appeared in the HBO television series “IN TREATMENT” which attracted a big portion of the audience. In 2009 Mia was also nominated for the best supporting female independent spirit in the film “ THE EVENING SUN”. Her outstanding performance is also seen in “ALICE IN WONDERLAND”, “ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS”, ”CRIMSON PEAK”, “BLACKBIRD” and all.

Paget Brewster is mainly a voice actress who played the recurring role of Kathy on “FRIENDS” season four. Now she is known for playing a role in a crime drama “CRIMINAL MINDS”. Brewster has provided her voice for television and film both animations. She earned $250 million last year according to Forbes list. Some of her money comes from business ventures and other property investments.

Jennifer Aniston achieved International fame by acting on the famous character Rachel from “FRIENDS”. Some of her known films are “ WE’RE THE MILLERS”, “BRUCE ALMIGHTY”,” MARLEY & ME”, “CAKE” AND “OFFICE SPACE”. Her annual income was $240 million in the last year.

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Here is the list of the top 5 highest-paid actresses in the world according to the FORBES, 2019

  • Sasha Alexander with $215 million {MISSION IMPOSSIBLE III}
  • Sandra Bullock (SPEED), Victoria Principal, Julia Louis Dreyfus, Juia Roberts all of them with $200 million
  • Tracey Ullman with $199.56 million
  • Krysten Ritter with $185 million
  • Miley Cyrus and Angelina Jolie with $160 million
  • Demi Moore with $150 million

All of the given data is according to the Forbes annual list of 2019.

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