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6 Netflix Shows to Binge Watch in 2021

William Simon

Okay, so, it looks like we are going to be stuck with the impending pandemic yet again. But worry not lads, Netflix is still in action! There’s no better time now but to binge-watch some of the coolest shows you may or may not have heard of yet. Since the days might be gloomy or depressive and there’s nothing much going on either, Netflix is always bringing up something new for us to watch either for a light comedy to the crime document and so on. 

Half the time I feel I might become the next Sherlock Holmes but one that always carries a happy puppy alongside just for the fun sake! Now, wouldn’t that be a funnier version of the investigation?

Since I’m in the mood for a round of binge-watching something from the popular site you can plan to watch in 2021! 

But wait! There’s a lot going on even on Netflix. It’s the fishing time guys! So, instead of scrolling up and down, left and right, I have shortlisted the best of the best seasons that are absolutely worth watching. 

Are you ready for the streaming goodness? 

Let’s find you a perfect season match!


It’s like everyone is having an orgasm in the town! Oops!

Talk about the drama. Watching period drama has been out for a while, but Brigerton made the score, thanks to the super-producer, Shonda Rhimes, with the flirty, feisty adaptation in the form of this Netflix series that centers around the Bridgerton family. 

The story is not so out of the box. The daughter, Daphne, is of age and has to find the perfect match. Turns out pretending to be in love with England’s most eligible bachelor actually took a u-turn. 

Of course, a twist is expected. It’s Netflix after all. 

The story becomes more scandalous with each episode and well you can find out the rest once you watch the trailer for yourself. It is now one of the most-watched shows on Netflix – no surprise there. 

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The Queen’s Gambit

Redhead? Check. 

Ambitious female lead? Check. 

The two most qualities Netflix needs to make a season target the audience the way it wants. The Queen’s Gambit had it all. The story-line, the pitch, and the great closure. The show retells the story about the aspiring chess champion, a gifted orphan, portrayed by Anya Taylor-joy with such a riveting performance! 

Shortly after its release on Netflix, it became the highest rating Netflix original series! I’d say it totally made sense. Who knew the slowest board game ever known to mankind could implicate such accruing story-line and performance?

Now that’s a Checkmate!

The Haunting of Hill House/Bly Manor

So are you into horror stories? 

I have to say, I wasn’t expecting much myself when I first clicked on the season. But man! What a show! Oh, the story, the characters, and the thrilling scenes were filmed remarkably. 

The first season “The Haunting of Hill House” did win hearts for the horror nerd. The season revolves around a family that moves into a remote Hill House for renovation. A series of recurring incidents start to happen to the point mother starts losing and father flees with the kids in the middle of the night. 

Fast forward to the second season, Bly Manor is ghostly too but no one knows it yet. Let’s say once you turn the lights off you better expect the unexpected with both seasons. So, shhh!


If you are a fan of Stranger Things, then you have to try another sci-fi season. This German series is similar in tide but will creep you with the Lynchian! Not only does the plot gets to you, but it also boggles your mind the way you are unable to connect to the dots. 

Oh well, it’s all about connecting the dots, years, people, and parallel dimensions in the same town in Germany. 

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What’s the mystery about the cave and the door? What was hidden under the Nuclear factory? You may think you are getting closer to the answer but you couldn’t be more wrong. You have to watch every episode to find the answer to every last question. 

This show is worth watching with an epic soundtrack. 

Unbreakable Kimmy Smidt 

Can you imagine being kidnapped in a bunker for over a decade thinking the world is nearing an apocalypse? 

Well in the funny upside world of Kimmy it did happen. 

The show isn’t a recent one but back in 2015, it was what everyone could talk about. It’s just that the eccentric comedy was still a thing that, unfortunately, is missing in current seasons. So the show is about this girl, Kimmy who finally gets to start a fresh life running away from a cult, getting stuck with a self-centered and neurotic socialite who let her handle her cutesy little dog, a Shih Tzu, as a masseuse.

The overall series wins the heart with its idiotic silliness and jamming musicals. No wonder Jane Krakowski is still one of the funniest comics for the small screens. 

The Crown

If you want to see what life inside the royal family looks like, then sit back and relax, because this may take a while. The Crown, as you can imagine already, centers around the main character Queen Elizabeth II, from the point of her initial reign until the present day. 

Until now, four seasons are available on Netflix. The season became a popular hit among the international audience, as the story unfolds the unseen parts of the Queen’s duties. 

It may seem a bit too similar to Downton Abbey, but the season is completely remarkable. No doubt, it’s Netflix’s one of the best shows ever. 

Seriously you do not want to miss out on any of the shows mentioned above. Of course, I still have a lot of seasons in my mind, but for now, I had a hard time pinning down just the few I had on top of my head. So what do you guys think? 

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Which one of these will you watch first? Leave a comment down below!

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