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6 ways in which music can improve your psycho-physical well-being

Zoey Singh

Playing an instrument has positive effects on mood, psycho-physical performance and also in people’s social life. Let’s see why.

Training your mind and body, decreasing stress and anxiety, setting goals and increasing your self-esteem, learning to communicate your feelings and find new friends: they could be great resolutions for the new year, the ones you make when you try to become better people. Of course it may seem impossible to be able to put them all into practice, but in reality there is an activity that can bring all these benefits in one fell swoop: playing a musical instrument.

Listening to music:, but above all playing an instrument or singing are activities with enormous positive effects on people’s lives. Research on the positive consequences of music on the psycho-physical well-being of people has shown that it is associated with the reduction of anxiety in young people, the improvement of mood and proactivity in adults and mental well-being, self-awareness and ability. adaptation of people with diagnosed pathologies. In addition, music and singing have been shown to be effective in reducing the risk of depression in older people.

No matter what your chronological age or your level of preparation, the important thing is to play for a few minutes as often as possible: it will help you improve your psycho-physical well-being and overcome difficult situations at home, at school or at work. .

But what are we talking about concretely?

Yamaha Music, a company that designs and builds musical instruments, and that thanks to 690 music schools in Europe and 4,500 around the world for years has been committed to bringing young people closer to music, helping them to discover their potential, describes the six ways playing an instrument improves your life and affects your well-being.
Workout for the mind. Playing a musical instrument is like training every part of the brain. In fact, it helps improve mental performance, concentration and memory. Over time, playing improves coordination and fine motor skills. In addition, reading music helps the brain to strengthen information processing skills resulting in improved reading and calculation skills.

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Keep calm. Finding time to relax is important to lessen the stress load on the mind and body. A new and fun hobby is an excellent solution to distract yourself from the pressures of work, school and daily obligations and allows you to face your commitments better and with more energy. If you’ve always wanted to play, don’t waste any more time, it’s time to start.

Get in touch! Music can help you understand difficult feelings, process the saddest ones and be able to communicate them to others. Music becomes the language through which to express and share one’s emotions.

Take aim and hit. Playing helps you set goals. Low self-esteem can lead to depression and anxiety, but setting realistic goals (such as learning to play a few tunes or practicing for 20 minutes each day) can increase personal satisfaction and confidence in your abilities.

Body workout. Playing an instrument is also an alternative way to exercise. Whether you are playing the guitar, piano or wind instrument, you are using arm and back muscles to play or hold the instrument. Playing the drums vigorously is a free cardio workout.

Find new friends:

Music can be a way to meet new people with similar interests and feelings to yours. Playing in a band, orchestra or choir can be a great way to make new friends.

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