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A Comprehensive Guide to Studying Abroad

Samantha Green

Studying abroad can be expensive, but can also amp up your career and be the experience of a lifetime. Several students plan to move to foreign countries for higher education, higher quality of living, and better experiences. Studying abroad can also help you learn a new culture, unlearn old habits, and be a better candidate for global employability.

According to the research, every year, roughly 40% of students move to study abroad. Simultaneously, new fields are opening for immigrants and students to study overseas. Previously, many students seemed to opt only for the US and the UK to study abroad. However, with new opportunities, countries like New Zealand, Singapore, Norway, South Korea, the Netherlands, and Germany have opened up international studies programs. 

Thus, with more opportunities, it has become easier for students to look for lucrative courses in renowned colleges around the world. 

How can you move to foreign countries to study? 

The process for applying and going to foreign countries for studies is quite lengthy. It involves numerous processes that cannot be seen enough. From researching to reaching the ultimate destination, it involves a time-consuming exploration that you need to go through. Moreover, the process involves research work that will tick off to clear your doubts. So, here you will discover the steps for going to foreign countries to study. 

Research well

The key ingredient for making bigger projects successful is research. The research involves looking for correct courses, listing universities, and comparing various aspects. You will know about the different courses that universities offer, conducive areas for student’s accommodation, costs of education and living, employment options, and other aspects about the country.

Once you narrow down the details, you can focus on other steps needed to move ahead with the process. Moreover, researching will make you aware of the cultural aspects of the country. Explore different blogs, YouTube videos, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The more you research, the better you will know.


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Speak with expert counsellors

Once you have listed the countries, and your courses, try to seek advice from the experts. The experts will help you list the best colleges in that field of study. 

Selecting the universities

You must have searched for the best universities in the country. For instance, you are going to South Korea to study sociology. Once you have seen the favourable aspects, you find the top universities like Seoul National University, Konkuk University, Ulsan University, and others. However, selecting one of the best among the top tiers can be difficult. Thus, for selecting, you need to consider these factors:

  • The overall budget for student fees and living expenses
  • Offered subjects
  • International student benefits
  • Scholarships
  • Student accommodation

Once you see the factors adhering to the selected universities, you can move ahead with applying.

Gather the required documents

Before applying to your dream university, you are required to collect the necessary documents. The required documents include:

  • Your ID and Residential Proof
  • Your mark sheets of the former institution
  • Certification card of the popular required exams like SATs, TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT and more.
  • Work experience certificate
  • Student visa

These documents help you have a smooth admission process when applying for the course. But, also, it is a time-consuming process. So, try to collect every required document beforehand. 

Applying to the university

Now that you have collected all the necessary documents, it is time to apply. While applying, please check the forms carefully. These forms contain various terms and conditions you may not know. So before filling it out, look for every option. If you find anything problematic, immediately contact the university or the experts. The experts can guide you with the proper information. Also, while making the payment, check the portal carefully. 

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Offer Acceptance

After applying to the university, it is time to accept the offer. The university will thoroughly check your application. However, it might take some time to get the offer letter. It may take a few weeks to send you the acceptance letter. Once you get it, your application will be successful.

Student visa

The final process before moving to another county is getting a student visa. You can apply for a visa only if you receive the acceptance offer. The application for a visa involves numerous paperwork and documentation. It requires documents of the following:

  • Evidence of the enrolment
  • Residence permit applications
  • Proof of the language certification
  • Evidence of funding
  • Passport size photographs
  • Proof of parental consent (if under 18)
  • Vaccination results

Set your residence accommodations

You must have searched for the residence while applying. If you have not selected a place to stay yet, then look for options. Try to avail on-campus accommodations if possible. However, if it is filled out, you can try staying in dorms or renting rooms. The costs will vary from different places. So, plan out your budget and look for the accommodations.

Book your flight tickets in time

Finally, it is time for you to go once everything is set. Make sure to get the flight tickets in advance. The booking will not only help you to get proper seats, but it will also help you to find cheaper tickets. Different countries follow different permits and entry rules. Therefore, carry the necessary documents and check the allowance fees if anything is needed. 

Parting thoughts,

Studying abroad can open doors to various opportunities. However, the process of applying can be exhausting. Likewise, you need to be patient and careful enough during the process. However, once you land upon the dream university and country, the whole process becomes worth it. With that, you can slowly move forward to your dreams. Good luck!

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