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Why Every Organization Needs an EdTech App Now More than Ever

Carol P

COVID-19 has not just disrupted life for adults. It has put more than 1.2 billion children out of school worldwide. Thanks to edtech’s learning management systems as well as mobile apps, organizations have somehow managed to keep up the momentum, making remote learning as effective as possible. 

However, the absence of a centralized system and excessive reliance on siloed apps for various tasks like assignment submissions, examinations, attendance, etc. has made the entire process disorganized. Moreover, there is no control one can have on outdated features, lack of automation, bad UI UX designing, and more for these apps you constantly rely on. Learner performance, therefore, hinders as a direct repercussion of these challenges.

In this blog, we will look at how you can get your own custom edtech software with advanced and relevant technologies that can be used for remote as well as on-campus learning:

A custom edtech software for institutions can have three key elements:

  • Courses – The courses consist of the study materials such as videos, images, pdfs, sheets, etc.
  • Admin Dashboard – The admin tools will help authorities develop various course materials and upload them. They will also help teachers to lay down ground rules for a curriculum and monitor various reports.
  • Learning management system (LMS) – It is software to help teachers deliver the course content to the learners making it the connecting passage of students and the  e-learning ecosystem.

A Learning management system (LMS) can further have two key parts:

A server is responsible for storing all the data and files, and fetching them as requested by the users. The server also sends push notifications, as well as authenticating data for the users, etc.  A UI component runs inside the application and enables the users to operate and access various modules of the app on the front end. It is the most effective way an enterprise, school or college can leverage technology for effective learning and revenue generation.

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In cases where organizations come across a lack in certain skills in their teams, they can instantly make live modules for training that consists of relevant exercises and a provision to conduct classes in-person in a custom-made e-learning software. 

An LMS can further help you:

  • Share lessons, work content, or assignments
  • Track respective assignment and homework submissions by learners 
  • Inculcate site-visits through AR/VR 
  • Send mass notifications and emails to participants to make an announcement
  • Conduct proctored online examinations 
  • Automate attendance through face detection technologies
  • Add feedback for various students, and sending a direct link to the parents devices 


EdTech is on its way to becoming the backbone of organizations delivering quality and instant learning mechanisms. With COVID-19 having given us a reality check of our fragile gatherings, we have now become attuned to handling any such challenges, and edtech shall perpetually remain on the frontline to battle such circumstances. Therefore, it is prudent for organizations to avail custom edtech app development as a weapon to fast-track learning no matter what’s going on outside.

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