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Fundamentals of Engineering Exam Guide

R Varsh

In this blog you will get the information that will let you go about your preparation in a much smarter way. Read the full blog to know more!

For a civil engineer, the professional engineer’s (PE) license is a testament to their talent and knowledge. This is why many engineers throughout the United States apply for the PE Civil Exam every year. However, to earn a PE license and reap all its benefits, you first need to meet all the NCEES-based requirements. 

As per the set criteria, you are first required to pass the FE Civil exam. The Fundamentals of Engineering exam is the first of two tests which takes you closer to your career as a professional engineer. A lot of candidates make the common mistake of taking this exam lightly, so make sure you aren’t one of them. 

A civil engineer needs to learn a lot of things about the FE exam. From the preparation pattern to courses and more. Only then can you give yourself a chance of passing this exam amidst the cutthroat competition. In case this is your first time registering for this exam, you might want to gather all the necessary information first. 

This is your ultimate guide to the Fundamentals of Engineering exam. Allow us to help you find out everything you should about this exam.

Introduction to the FE Civil Exam

As mentioned above, earning the PE license is about meeting a bunch of standards set by the NCEES committee. The Fundamentals of Engineering exam is one of these requirements. This is a 6 hours long exam with a total of 110 questions. The precise exam time however is 5 hours 20 mins and the remaining time is for a break, tutorial, nondisclosure agreement, etc. 

If you have been preparing for the FE Civil exam for a while, you are probably aware of the FE Reference Handbook. This reference handbook is the one resource that you need to learn by heart. It has all the information you need to prepare effectively for this exam. Make sure you buy the latest handbook from the NCEES website only. 

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Preparation Tips for the FE Civil Exam

Once you have registered for the exam, you might want to get started with your FE exam prep. Here, we have some valuable tips that will help you with your preparation. 

  • Follow a Study Plan

Planning how to go about the course learning and at what pace is utterly crucial. Therefore, your first task after registering is to create a study plan. Take your time to come up with a genuine schedule that you will follow. Set weekly or monthly achievable targets and pace yourself accordingly. Without planning you cannot track your progress and might not be able to finish the course on time.

  • Talk to Industry Experts

Have you enrolled yourself in a reliable FE review course yet? If you have, you are more likely to be taught by experienced professionals. Take the opportunity to ask them as many questions as you can about the exam. The tips and suggestions that experienced engineers can provide you with are something you won’t find in any book. Never miss a chance to seek guidance from those who have taken this exam before and understand the potential challenges. 

  • Solve a Handful of Practice Exams

Working on NCEES-based practice exams will boost your preparation quite effectively. After you have completed the course, instead of starting the revision from the start, solve practice exams. It will help you see clearly how prepared you are and what you still need to focus on. Make sure you start solving practice papers early so that you have time to study more if you have to. Practice exams also help you identify your strong and weak zones.

  • Value Time Management

While you are studying at home, it might seem that time is not that big of an issue. But if you ask anybody who has taken this exam, time is perhaps the biggest concern. Try solving practice problems at a reasonable speed. When you are working on practice exams, time yourself and see how much time you spend on one problem. The more you practice, the easier it will be for you to solve the questions quickly in the exam hall.

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How to find a quality FE review course?

The FE review course you choose also has a major impact on your preparation. Thus, you must ensure that you are getting your FE review course from a quality service. Check out the points below to learn how to search for a course provider:

  • Do Online Research!

There are so many FE review course providers available online. Make sure you spend a fair amount of time researching them and making a list of the services they provide. Go through each one of these service providers’ websites and identify the ones that best fits your needs.

  • Experience and Knowledge

The next thing to do is to find out how skilled and qualified the professionals are. Try to join a course with knowledgeable and experienced engineers. When you choose experienced service, you can lay your trust in them and they can help you understand the common challenges and help overcome them before the FE Civil exam.

  • Seek Referrals and Check Reviews

If you know someone who took the FE review course, always seek referrals. Ask previous year candidates about the course provider they would recommend. Once you hear a handful of names, you can see what their old students have to say about their service. Reviews are a major factor that can help you choose wisely.

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The Fundamentals of Engineering exam is not easy, but by effectively preparing and working hard, you can give yourself a great chance at passing. The above-mentioned information will let you go about your preparation in a much smarter way. Follow the tips and get yourself enrolled in a quality FE review course soon. 

Civil Engineering Academy is a reliable and experienced review course provider you can go for. Apart from your FE exam, they have a review course for the PE exam too along with a lot more. Visit their website to check what resources and practice material they have for you.

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