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What to do in Doha when visiting with family

Bilal Ahsan

In the winter season, you can and should come with children to Doha. There is enough exciting entertainment in the city for young travellers.

Museum complexes

Doha is proud of its museums that tell about the country’s history and the traditions of the Qatari people. The following museum complexes are popular with tourists:

The National Museum of Qatar, located in the old palace of the Sheikh, is distinguished by a considerable number of exhibits and artefacts that tell about the country’s history. National clothes, household items, kitchen utensils, archaeological finds, and models of the first wooden ships are not a complete list of exhibitions of the national museum. A unique attraction is a two-meter aquarium, on the first level of which ancient species of marine fauna live, and on the second level – its modern inhabitants.

The real pride of the residents of Doha is the National Museum of Qatar, with an extensive collection of various exhibits.

With an area of ​​more than 48 thousand square meters, the Museum of Islamic Art is the largest museum in the Persian Gulf. It was designed by the famous American architect Bei Yumin, who was in charge of the Parisian Louvre restoration. The museum’s huge halls contain calligraphy collections, Islamic patterns, jewellery, textiles brought from different continents and dating back to the 7th-19th centuries.

Doha Museum of Islamic Art strikes with external restraint and internal richness of expositions.

The Mathaf Museum is dedicated to the contemporary art of Arabs from the Middle East and regions of Africa, Asia and Europe, which have been historically associated with Qatar and the Arab Peninsula. The galleries of artists and sculptors exhibited here are dedicated to different periods of the emirate’s formation and reflect the colonial struggle, the birth of the state, the development of the oil industry, the construction of new cities.

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The mission of the Mathaf Museum is to popularize art through historical and experimental exhibitions.

Sheikh Faisal Bin Qasim Al Thani Museum is one of the most exciting museums in the country, containing a private collection of exhibits collected by the Sheikh during his travels. The museum is divided into four rooms displaying coins and currency, vehicles, Qatari, and Islamic art.

Parks and Recreation Areas

Unfortunately, in Doha, there are only a few parks and green spaces, in the shade of which you can hide in the hot season. Among the popular holiday destinations, pay attention to the city parks and the embankment.

The Corniche, which stretches for 7 km along the bay’s coast, is a favourite walking place for Qataris and visitors. Here you can admire the beautiful seascape and panorama of the city for a long time. Fantastic skyscrapers in the spirit of modern architecture, shopping malls, luxury hotels, cosy restaurants, the Islamic Art Museum, Al Kut Fort, the beach, the port – this is what you can see while walking along the beautiful coastal boulevard.

The Corniche is a beautifully designed walking area along the scenic Doha Bay.

Aspire Park is the largest (88 hectares) park in the city. It is a massive green oasis with fountains, green lawns, a small lake with boats, flower beds, rows of palm trees along numerous alleys, children’s and sports grounds, and jogging tracks. Locals like to relax here, arranging family picnics in the shade of trees. The park is located in the southern part of the city, close to the famous shopping centres Villagio and Hyatt Plaza.

Aspire Park is ideal for family fun, picnics and sports.

Al Rumaila Park is located near the Corniche, near the National Theater. It is considered the oldest park in the city and was formerly known as Al Bidda Park. There are many green lawns, flower beds, benches, children’s attractions, restaurants, and small shops on its territory. It remains open around the clock.

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Al Rumaila Park often hosts fairs, live concerts, exhibitions, festivals.

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